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Author Topic: How do I import format/content of old 1.17 site to new install of 1.2.5?  (Read 940 times)

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Since I lost access to my 1.1.7 cart content and admin and cannot find out how to retrieve them, I want to install a new 1.2.5 cart and import all necessary files to regain the old content and formatting.

Can I backup the old cart by moving the 1.1.7 public_html file to a different folder and then install 1.2.5 to my server? And if I do, how do I get the old formatting and data into the new cart?

Can I just transfer certain files from the previous cart into the same place in the new cart? And if so, which files would I transfer without bringing in old 1.1.7 items that might corrupt the new 1.2.5?

Would I need to make any changes at my web host? The php 5.3.0 is currently installed and selected there. If it is necessary or would be better, it could be changed to 5.4.45.

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Re: How do I import format/content of old 1.17 site to new install of 1.2.5?
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2016, 02:53:11 AM »

Why you cannot restore your admin access?
If you have access to your files you may try this hack (simple hack to get your temporary password to be displayed instead of email ),547.msg1688.html#msg1688
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