Author Topic: Upgrade failures and a utils.php error - cPanel/host related or AbanteCart?  (Read 1727 times)

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Hi all,

I´m currently running v1.2.2 (and loving it!) but decided to upgrade to 1.2.3 after getting an upgrade prompt in admin.

I clicked the link to start the ¨network upgrade¨ but it keeps failing with the following error:

Error: cannot to pack /home/magniaco/public_html/netihealth/shop/admin/system/backup/abantecart_122.tar.gz
Stuck? Not a problem. You can install extensions another way. Check this help link

The error log also shows:

Message status:

    12/09/2015 10:25:25 AM

Number of repetitions:

Error: cannot to pack /home/magniaco/public_html/netihealth/shop/admin/system/backup/abantecart_122.tar.gz

Message status:

    12/09/2015 10:25:42 AM

Number of repetitions:

Error: cannot to load config.xml of extension Error. in /home/magniaco/public_html/netihealth/shop/core/helper/utils.php on line 529

Is this likely to be cPanel/host related, or something to do with AbanteCart itself? I have disabled all extensions, and even tried uninstalling them all. It´s made no difference. I even tried downloading the latest 1.2.5 compressed package from AbanteCart directly and attempting the ¨extension upload¨ upgrade method. That didn´t work either.

Finally, quick question:

I noticed there is now a significantly newer upgrade available (v1.2.5). I receive pop-up alerts for this in admin (nothing in my inbox/messages though oddly, as I did for v1.2.3 upgrade).

Is it safe to make an upgrade leap from v1.2.2->1.2.5, or should one first upgrade to v1.2.3 before attempting a v1.2.5 upgrade to avoid breakage?

Thanks for your replies, and any suggestions in advance!



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The error mean that AbanteCart can not archive your backup before upgrade. There are several possible reasons backup failure:
Wrong permissions of /backup folder
Not enough server resources
server have not archive .gz module

You can run upgrade manually. Please backup first your database and all files manually in Cpanel!
Check this short guide

And last thing you can not skip versions when upgrade.

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