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Downloads in multiple formats
« on: February 27, 2016, 09:27:30 AM »
Hi everyone,
Not sure if this can be done or not. I have a site that is embroidery designs. I offer 6 different formats in each set. Due to the size of some sets I don't want to put all the formats into one file for download. Is there a way of having the customer choose their format when ordering & not having to put up each set in 6 formats on my site? The site is getting seriously messy looking with each set going up 6 times (in different formats). I have tried to figure this out but for the life of me cannot. Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you all  ;)


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Re: Downloads in multiple formats
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2016, 01:17:54 PM »
I am not quite sure I fully understand your setup -  but I think you are saying you have one product that you offer in 6 formats.   And currently you are displaying 6 different products so customer can order just the format they need.  And you would like to have ONE product that customer can select the format for.

If this assumption is right- then perhaps this would be a solution for you -  you can add each format in the download section for the ONE product.   Then on the description of your product you would say which formats it comes in 

When customer goes to their download page they would see all the formats and make the selection.
You just need to label each of your files so customer can see the format

you can call them anything on the name (not the mask)
 Radial Stamp - PNG Format
 Radial Stamp  - JPG format

This method would allow you to have one product desc for all formats.   
The downside is if you need to charge for each format for the product - this would not be the solution.


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