Author Topic: Where are all the standard tools on the section where you can add HTML or text  (Read 2211 times)

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why did we lose all the standard tools for the HTML / Visual section ??? I am using abantecart because it has been so easy to use without having to know allot of code.  I like to be able to click on the tool to add a table or set the text size... this is causing great hardship on the upgrade to 1.2.6   I would like to stay up to date... How many others out there are disturbed by this change? lets get these tools back so we can easily build our store site!!!
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Hello, DavidLIR

Are you talking about Visual Text Editor? We replace it with new TinyMCE to improve page loading speed.
For the Table plugin it is back in 1.2.7 and you can enable it in 1.2.6 please see,4554.msg19843.html#msg19843

For the other things TinyMCE is very powerful tool and you can manage it for your special needs


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