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Products per row >4
« on: August 23, 2016, 02:33:01 PM »
Searched forums, and cannot find items per row from old posts.

Checked the settings>general, and there is no longer a settings>options?

All previous answers are pretty outdated.

Shrinking col-md-3, and attempting to get rid of the clearfix div that wraps products. 
(or should i avoid messing with clearfix)

FIX: Design->Blocks->Create/Add listing block. edit block, use block wrapper(appearance):change to listingblock_content_bottom
any other methods?  this seems to not work so nicely unless I tweak css. 

After css tweaking it looks and performs nicely.  I can remove this post or edit and add css changes to help others.

Here is my CSS, i'll be back later to clean this up and add comments explaining.

Add to style.css:
Code: [Select]
.block_frame_listing_block .row .col-md-3{border-bottom:0px!important;}
.block_frame_listing_block .row .col-md-3 .productname{display:none!important;}
.block_frame_listing_block .row .col-md-3 .price{display:none!important;}
.block_frame_listing_block .row .col-md-3 .procategory{display:none!important;}
.block_frame_listing_block .row .col-md-3{display:inline-block!important;}
.block_frame_listing_block .row .col-md-3 {min-width:150px!important;}
Then near the bottom, after the /* @media max 480px  */
Code: [Select]
.block_frame_listing_block .row{text-align:center!important;}

i have to clean it up yet, so use this with caution for now.  FYI(you probably don't need the display:none; settings.  that is my aesthetics goal of only having pictures of products)
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Re: Products per row >4
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2016, 06:43:16 AM »

Would be great if you share your css solution
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