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We often get asked to draw up a quote for business customers that cannot simply buy online but rather have to go through the bureaucracy of adding us as a vendor, providing a purchase order etc..

To draw up a quote we currently manually place an order via the storefront and then from the admin area save the invoice as HTML and modify it to say "Quote" and send it on... this is simple enough but if we get a very large quote then the order (which isn't committed to by the client) reserves all of the stock and actual clients buying via the store front cannot complete their orders, furthermore we only promise to hold stock for 7 days on an order so if the customer hasn't paid the Quote value then we cancel the order and restock the products one-by-one.

Does anybody else face this business problem, if so, how do you handle it?

I'd love to go so far as to automate it but I dont see any items on the marketplace that match my need and I dont have enough time (or skill) to develop this from scratch.

I think this is a great candidate for an extension. This was asked before.

I wonder if we should put this as a candidate for sponsored development or leave it up for marketplace developers.

This is just what we are looking for,. any luck finding something?

This is just what we need too.
so the customer just does it like an order but at check out they can process as a quote or an order.


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