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Author Topic: Where to change the storefront name of Weight Based Shipping AND FedEx Ground  (Read 1574 times)

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Currently on the storefront for Weight Based Shipping, the customer sees:   

USA (Weight:10lb):  $20.00

I want Weight Based to look this way:
Ground Shipping - Insured (Weight:10lb): $20.00

or even better get rid of the (Weight:10lb): and just show this:
Ground Shipping - Insured: $20.00

I searched through quite a few of the files in the default_weight folder in templates but could not find anything to edit to change USA to Ground Shipping. Perhaps that bit of text comes from somewhere besides those files?

If someone could tell me how to find where the label for Weight Based shipping is coming from and how to change it that would be appreciated.

I also want to be able to modify the FedEx display text for some or all of the various rates.

Currently for Fedex Ground it shows: FedEx Ground: $20

I want FedEx ground to look like this:

Ground Shipping: $20

I tried changing the customer side displayed text names for the various FedEx options in System > Localization > Language Definitions. I could get UPS Ground to display as Ground Shipping but none of the FedEx related ones would show the new text on the customer end in the shopping cart.

Would like to know how to change those also for FedEx Ground, 2 Day air etc.

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Most of the text in AbanteCart can be easily translated in Language definitions
But text like USA (Weight:10lb):  $20.00 are name of location  see System > Localization > Locations

For the fedex I am not sure but search for text in this file
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Thanks for that information. I was able to make the desired changes.


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