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Overlapping products
« on: December 15, 2016, 04:52:53 PM »
Guys I have a problem with products overlapping one another when small screen sizes or lower resolutions are used.  I wasn't aware this wasn't the way it was supposed to work until I recently had gone to the AbanteCart demo site and Market Place. 

The issue is that the products overlap each other before switching over to the new layout for a smaller res or screen size.  When I compare this to the default behaviours on the AbanteCart demo site where the products never touch one another and switch to the new view before the products touch or overlap.

I may have discovered a bug.

I just noticed that if I remove any side column items in the layout screen for this category, the issue goes away!  This doesn't cure the issue on every screen though.  Taking screen shots might be helpful but a video might be more convincing as you almost need to see the motion as the screen size gets smaller vs how the products react.

Further information:
It appears that removing any side columns in the layout of product display screens resolves the overlap issues but it doesn't work on category display screens.

Here is a video to help clarify the issues.

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