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I just noticed that the main menu for my abantecart does not display correctly at certain sizes.  Here is the behavior:
  • 1315x707 - full menu with links correctly displays across the top
  • 1315x707 and 1201x707 - menu appears below where it should be and only my custom (art palette) icon is visible
  • 1200x707 to 765x707 - dropdown menu displays correctly

I'm not worried right now about the toggle menu once the screen goes lower than 764x707, as it mostly displays correctly; it cuts off part of the search box and a horizontal scroll bar appears.

My primary concern is when the screen size is between 1315x707 and 1201x707.  Any suggestions on troubleshooting why the menu is pushed down and only my custom icon can be seen?

I've attached screenshots for reference.  The site is

Note - the menu links still exist; it's just the text is white on a white background.


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