Author Topic: custom extension needed for pricing..  (Read 822 times)

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custom extension needed for pricing..
« on: January 22, 2018, 12:43:08 PM »

I am just reviewing AbanteCart in order to figure out if it will be OK for our use.  As of first glance, I like what I see.  But, there are some questions I have
regarding custom extensions that may be needed in order to fit our requirements.

I have been working on a Magento website and it just seems it is very cumbersome for the basic functions I need.  Therefore, I am considering starting over on a
new platform i.e. AbanteCart, but don't want to get too far only to find out that it can not do what I need.

I am trying to setup a common website that I can use for both our Retails and Wholesale Customers.  We generally have 5 customer groups, each with different discounts on our products.

The problem that I have run into on all other platforms, and it seems AbanteCart as well, is that we offer % discounts to our customer depending to which customer group the belong and the quantity of product they need.

Many carts do offer discount by % only a set $.  In addition to this, our products will have 'options' that need to be selected by the customer, which will change the products total price.

These option(s) should also receive the same  % discount as the product.  Currently most sites give a discount to the core product and then just add the option price.  This is not the way it works in our world.  We could like

$Total Price (MSRP) = Product Price + Option1 Price + Option2 Price + Option3 Price + etc....

The customer purchase price will be $Total Price x %

So, the price shown and charged to the customer will be determined as follows:
Lookup customer group...
Lookup to which category the product belows...
Lookup the quantity in that category..
Pull the discount from the table...

This should all be dynamic for that user that is logged in.  He should be able to see 'his' accurate price dynamically as he selects product, options, and changes quantities.

Is is doable in AbanteCart?  Or, is there anyone out there that is fluent enough to develop such a solution?

Please advise.

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Re: custom extension needed for pricing..
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2018, 04:03:03 AM »
Welcome to the AbanteCart Community forum.

Options in AbanteCart support both % and $ price modifiers. At least part of question is resolved.
Special price and quantity discount applied based on Customer Groups.

Check also this extensions

Maybe you can a bit modify them for your requirements. Just a suggestions  ;)
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