Author Topic: method of turning 404 errors into 301 redirects to the main page or sitemap  (Read 109 times)

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Hi. after fiddeling with seo. some older urls have been indexed. and when for some reason someone finds that url. or the search engines does that. they are left with the 404 error and landing on a rather boring site.

do you know how to either use .htaccess or alter php files to prevent 404 errors on the site ?

example of url that have changed.​-her  has a 404 error

should just show or

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mmm... this url show me yuor site map
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On this note. How do I handle 404 via htaccess and redirect them to home page
lets say they open and some how they click I want to redirect them to home page after lets say 3 seconds or so Prom dresses 2018