Author Topic: Adding Created Forums to Content Pages or At least a Link to Form on Main Page?  (Read 861 times)

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I created a new form called Price Match and created a Block also for it. I have been trying and trying to figure out how to do one of the following to no avail:

Either add a new Contact Form link to my site Main Page in the Footer where the Contact Links and etc are OR
Add the new Contact Form INSIDE a NEW Content Page called Price Match and cannot do EITHER.

The link does not show up for the form in the Footer where I'd like for a link to be created for it. Is there something I am missing? Can I embed this form in a Content Page link for instance I did with JotForm for my Wholesaler and Dropshipper Application pages? I don't like using external forms and wish this were possible.

It seems everything with this system is so complex and requires so many steps. I even went to Layout and Blocks Manager and attempted to add it there, as you can see in attachment and nothing.

Please help me EMBED this form in a Content Page!


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Create new Page in Design > Content and when you edit this page click Layout tab to add your new Form Block to that page only
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