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Customizing 'content block' in the footer


Hi there,

There is one little display issue that looks not that good on my store site. The problem is caused by having too many 'content' page links. See photo.

Is there a way to customize the content block so I can make it look nicer? Like maybe 2 lines with 4 to 5 content links each? Or grouping links in columns under a common header?


Change a bit your footer tpl. Try smaller font size

You know, one thing I noticed playing around is that when you move the 'content' block to the top line of the 'footer', it will change how it is displayed and list all content as a list.

That's better but still not quite to my liking.

Then, I began playing around with blocks (not lego but AbanteCart cart ones) and noticed that there is an option to create a "data listing" block... and then light bulb went on...

...if I could have the option of "custom content" under the 'listing data source' I would be able to create my own header for a block and include just the content pages I want under that header and then make another block with a custom header with just the content I would like to show under that header and viola! I would get what I want.

Now, is this doable for a non developer? What would be the code?

Any thoughts?

If you need something custom try HTML block. Add whatever you want

Thank you Basara. Did it that way and it works just fine.


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