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Hi guys, I have a question concerning digital downloads...

I was able to do all required things and it works.. so far so good  :)

Now, here is the issue:

Under "digital" product > files , if you click on the edit icon, you are presented with various options (obviously).

Under "Maximum downloads" it practically tells you that "Count of downloads allowed for customer"...

From what I was able to deduct that means:

If I leave this field blank, although the customer did pay for the product only once, he is able to download it as many times as he wants.

If I set this number to 3, it means that although the customer paid for only one product he is able to download it for 3 times.

If I set this number to 1, the customer pays for one digital item and is able to download it only one time ... BUT... if the customer buys the same product again, an error occurs which does not allow him to re-download the digital item again (and if I am not mistaken, the customer did pay for it).
The only way to bypass this, is if the administrator manually allows for a new download.

Am I missing something here?
If not, how can this issue be resolved?

I thank you in advanced for all insights and guidance  :)


No, you are wrong. After new order one more separate download added to customer account.

Hi Basara,

and thanks for replying.

My problem occurred when, after I paid through paypal, I clicked return to merchant.

Usually, I received something like "Oops, there was a problem with your order", but the payment was completed. In the admin there appeared a message saying something "failed etc."; and by changing the status manually... the download was OK to go.

BUT... since your reply, I tried it again and it worked.

Frankly, I do not know how... but it works.

So, I will consider this case closed... and I will go with the assumption that I might have done something wrong during the setup.

On that note, I have a final question:

If I want the following scenario to happen with my digital download, how do I do it?

A customer chooses a digital download, pays for it and afterwards, I want the download to be available to the customer automatically.

Do I chose the option immediately, as seen in the pic?

Let me explain "paypal" failed order.
When PayPal process transaction there is some delay between "success" message on paypal side and real "transaction completed" notification send by PayPal to your store.
If this notification do not sent in time - AbanteCart mark the order with Failed order status and notify you to check this order manually to prevent fraud.
I guess you set digital download to be available for customer after order status changed to Completed. So if order status Failed or Pending customer will see download in account but cant download it till you change order status to Completed or whatever you set when create digital download.

Hi Basara,

and thanks again for the reply.

All of what you wrote, I did not know... thus, thank you for taking the time in explaining this to me  :)


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