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How-to questions / Re: Edit front end URLs
« Last post by marshasarv on Today at 08:17:56 AM »
You can try mannual Slag option to change the URL according to your need.
I really appreciate your help. I checked the server error logs and there are none.  And  it is also almost impossible that we are the only people who installed this cart and are having this problem. 

Where can I find the Multistore setting?

Has anyone else experienced this issue and what was the solution?

Could it have anything to do with API?
Multistore is disabled if you just install cart.
AbanteCart error log,834.msg3085.html#msg3085
If nothing here check server error log
All we have done is install this cart.  Where is the multi store setting?

I just checked the error logs - None.
There are few points:
1. You have a multistore enabled and when you create new product you did not assign it to the store you currently looking
2. This can be some js error - open your browser console and see if any error
3. Something on your server block catalog page to load. Usually this is mod_security module
4. You made some changes to core files and broke it

I suggest to check AbanteCart error log for related errors
I do not see that setting.  However, would that be preventing us from our items being listed under products?  Once we add an item it is not being listed under products.   What could be the problem?  What would cause the products to no be listed there?

In the video under the products category.  Right under the search for product bar there are headings. 

Product Name / Model / Price and so on.

That is not there in our cart and neither are any of the products.  We can only see the product in the store.

I also just noticed that we can not modify anything in this cart.  Once we create a category or manufacture they are only available in the store and do not display under the headings.

What the heck?
AbanteCart v2.0 / Re: Template engine
« Last post by abantecart on Today at 07:40:02 AM »
Thank you Maxter for sharing. Yes we can all work together on new design and later create templates using different engines as examples
AbanteCart v2.0 / Re: Template engine
« Last post by maxter on Today at 07:35:44 AM »
We have opened a new branch for v2.0. It is in active works.

See, there is a twig render already included in the view for templates.  Similarly other template engines can be added.

We do not have Twig template example yet, but we can work together and set it up.
You can help finishing template.

We still working on default template concept for v2.0 storefront. It will be on Bootstrap 4.0. It needs to be very flexible for all the containers.

Feel free to explore idea.

ope your file and re fill the image size
Do you have multistore enabled?
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