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Used the latest cardconnect 1.0.1.

The issues was the extension TEST MODE button.
The TEST MODE ON worked for the test credentials.
The TEST MODE OFF is needed for the real credentials.

A newbie mistake, but I am a newbie to this.
Make sure you use latest CardConnect extension version. (for now it is 1.0.1)
NEVER MIND, verified with host the credentials CardConnect sent me were not correct.

FYI: the test credentials work !

Domain portion to API:

Merchant ID: 496160873888
API Username: testing
API Password: testing123
Test Mode ON
That is why I said it was bounced back between CardConnect and Host provider.
Development Help Needed / Subscription Based Ordering + Pre-specified dates
« Last post by KF-Dale on November 16, 2018, 06:37:39 AM »

I am hopeful someone can help with this concept, and am happy to pay a reasonable amount for this to be created bespoke to our needs, please see the original email I sent to AbanteCart below for an explanation of what we require:

I am working on a project with a few other people and have come across AbanteCart whilst looking for an eCommerce solution suited to our needs. However whilst I find this to be the best system of the ones I have looked at (includes Magento and OpenCart), I am lacking a couple of critical features for our use case, and wonder if you are willing/able to provide support with making our feature desires a reality.

We are looking to operate a subscription based service where we deliver products to places of work for employees of businesses (if the employer signs up to the scheme), these deliveries would take place on a pre-arranged day of the week and time, which will be agreed with each subscribed business. Hence is why we need to achieve the two features below:

•   The ability for the customer to choose when they receive their boxes, for example – a customer can request the below, which bills them for 3 of the item:
Thursday 15/11/2018   YES
Thursday 22/11/2018   YES
Thursday 29/11/2018   NO
Thursday 06/12/2018   YES

•   The ability to link a customer to a business (this doesn’t need to be anything magical, just a way of saying company = this delivery address), so we know the address the box needs to go to. Perhaps this would be a question asked during the registration process.
  o   We tried using multiple stores but do not think this is an ideal solution for a few reasons, though most notably:
       Our SSL certificate is not a wildcard SSL.
       The overhead of maintaining the products.
       Adding them to the stores and having to continually create/remove CNAME subdomain records based on customer demand.

Payment Modules / Re: Paypal Pro extension
« Last post by Basara on November 16, 2018, 03:57:36 AM »
For PayPal Pro you are required to have Pro account
and if you use live API credentials make sure to enable LIVE mode in PayPal pro extension settings
General Support / Re: Footer
« Last post by Basara on November 16, 2018, 03:32:02 AM »
If you have default template you can compare Layouts and blocks with demo

Did you contact CardConnect support? Provide them your server IP and your computer IP addresses
Bounced back & forth between CardConnect and Host Provider to get a solution.
The final answer from Host was:
It seems that the issue is our server is blocked on the end. Please contact support of the cardconnect to they check if  (main server Ip) and  (your Dedicated IP) aren't blocked.

Paypal Standard works.
CardConnect has all the required fields filled out for their test button.

Is there an addition API configuration needed elsewhere?

At a loss?
AbanteCart v2.0 / Recording cost for profit
« Last post by ashtonm on November 15, 2018, 04:57:03 PM »
I think this should be included in next version...

I have read that there isn't away to report on profits made.

Other Carts are now looking at including this in theirs.

1. In 'orders' table - this needs a cost field creating.
2. Create php code in the correct files to record the cost against each product sold at the time of checkout. The price sold and the cost will now be recorded in the 'orders' table.

A report can be generated through AC or if not, then a simple SQL statement exported to spreadsheet will give your profits.

I think it is probably needed by everyone that sells products through the cart.


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