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Support / Update products using csv via cron
« Last post by arcano on Today at 08:45:52 AM »
Theres some way to do a nightly update (via cron) of the catalog using a csv?
We are resellers of some products and we update our stocks/prices based in a csv that is provided by another company.

It could be using a php script too. I searched in the documentation and theres a AData class that allows a method named CSV2ArrayFromFile to do that, but theres no examples or more documentation to know how to implement it.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can illuminate me.
Support / Re: World Pay Extension
« Last post by Karlos on March 20, 2018, 04:51:44 PM »
Thanks for the info. :)
don't forget for the multi store  you can also have a different domain name  rather than a sub-domain. 

so you can have names for each store  like this.

you set them up the same way as subdomains -  but you do NOT install the abantecart into each. 
You need to decide on how you want to manage products and what level of access you want to give each of your store owners. 

You might want to look at a different hosting option as a limit of 3 subdomains is not  a restriction on a lot of plans.
Customization help / Re: captcha on confirm order
« Last post by potangina on March 20, 2018, 01:30:40 PM »
found the file of that page but don't know what exact codes to put

Multi-store in AbanteCart follow next concept: one admin for few storefronts.
So you need to install only once, no need to copy or do anything with files

I know its one admin and multi store, my question was for creating multiple stores one needs to have sub domain. So, hosting providers limit sub domains. Let's say if I want 20 stores then I will need 20 subdomains. I was thinking of going with then going with as I can create as many sub folder I want but for sub domains I am dependent on my hosting provider.

Also I asked for separate shopping carts.

Multi-store in AbanteCart follow next concept: one admin for few storefronts.
So you need to install only once, no need to copy or do anything with files
General Support / Better Approach: Sub domain or Sub folder for Multi store AbanteCart
« Last post by Geek on March 20, 2018, 09:35:22 AM »

I am bit confused as to create multi stores in abantecart by creating sub-domains or sub folders.

My sub domains are limited to 3, if I want more sub domains, I will need a higher hosting package. My business is that I will give different stores to different vendors selling perfumes, cloths, makeup e.t.c so should I create different sub folders and install abantecart in all folders again and again?

I guess if I copy all files of abantecart in each folder than my website space will be more occupied by multiple abantecart in sub folders and I will be left with less space on my hosting server for my basic package. Is it right?

If I go with making sub domains then every after three sub domains, I will need to buy higher and higher hosting package.

Question 1:- I need suggestion which is better approach? I now if I install abantecart in sub folders then each vendor will have separate admin account and I will not be able to control and see all stores by one admin account. For sub domains all vendors will have different access rights in case I create users in one central login.

Question 2:- For different products, it sounds fine that main store names are makeup, cloths, perfumes but if I get four vendors selling same product type, lets' say Makeup then what should be best way to cater it as it is not multi vendor where all different vendors can select category and upload same products type for selling. It's I am giving whole shop to one vendor so will it look fine if my subfolder names are different for same products like gloriuosmakeup , mymakeup, getmakeup etc when these three names for makeup brands are three different vendors not linked with each other means they are three different business but same product type they are selling.

Question 3:- With a scenario of giving shops to different vendors and then letting different vendors shops for selling the same product type, how my shopping cart should be managed? Will it go best with sub folder with separate cart or sub domain with combined carts?


Customization help / Re: captcha on confirm order
« Last post by maxter on March 20, 2018, 06:34:14 AM »
First time I see someone needs captcha on the confirm page :)

Only way to add captcha, is to code it in checkout controller and template. See how it is done on registration apply same way.
Support / Re: Two Cloning queries...
« Last post by Basara on March 20, 2018, 01:39:44 AM »
Blocks are parts of template layouts pages. If you clone or install templates which have blocks with same names you will get "duplicates".
Support / Re: World Pay Extension
« Last post by Basara on March 20, 2018, 01:34:41 AM »

Worldpay extension was contributed by the community user featurespoon try contact him,5906.msg25856.html#msg25856
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