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General Discussion / How to navigate categories to another store url
« Last post by Geek on Today at 12:11:09 PM »

I am new to Abantecart. My scenario is that different ppl will run different stores on my website. I want each user to only access and see her store, she will be able to create categories, upload products and must be able to see only the orders which she gets on her individual store.

1. Can I do the above scenario through User Group Permission Features? If yes then what permission i should be giving to each store owner on my Website?

2. I want the main store the links to navigate to different stores which I have created on sub-domains. I want User to click a category on main store, let's say perfumes and the user should be navigated to another store which is particular to perfumes but is created on different sub-domain for example . How can I do it? I do not see any option of navigation to another url while adding products and categories to a store. Or, simply tell me how my users will know about my other stores on sub domains if the user visits as my other stores are ,

Support / Rebuild Cache
« Last post by technominds on Today at 10:47:36 AM »
I made a big mistake, and deleted my entire cache folder from my abantecart via ftp.
Have I completely ruined my installation now? I can't access anything via web, including the admin panel.
Is there any way to rebuild the cache?
AbanteCart v2.0 / Re: About redirections
« Last post by everchanging on Today at 02:40:39 AM »
Hi Basara, regarding the SSL certificate it was OK; so much I knew.

To be honest, and regarding the redirections, it was thanks to sam, who basically told me about how to do it.

But once I did the redirection that is when all my trouble started.

So I did contact the guys from my host-provider and thankfully they were able to sort it out for me.

As we speak all the links from the online store are https now... even the admin panel...
How-to questions / Re: product description
« Last post by natdroid on Today at 02:03:32 AM » With this extension you can add as many new tabs as you want
AbanteCart v2.0 / Re: About redirections
« Last post by Basara on Today at 02:01:42 AM »
It is easy to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS via htaccess rules

Good suggestion about admin but take a note if something wrong with your SSL certificate you will not be able to login into admin so auto-redirect is not the best idea for admin panel. I prefer to show some message to admin
How-to questions / Re: Shipping from different places
« Last post by Basara on Today at 01:56:30 AM »
This is based on what you set up in your delivery methods.
Admin > Extensions > Shippings there is a lot in core and 3rd party in marketpalce
Support / Re: change og:image tag
« Last post by natdroid on Today at 01:54:15 AM »
Holla. Enable new image in meta facebook plugin
How-to questions / Shipping from different places
« Last post by avulam on February 21, 2018, 03:35:37 PM »
if I have different shipping costs for different items will a person be double charged or single for each product?


bag of food $5 to ship (from one company)
toy $7 to ship (another company)

How will this look once the client checks out?
How-to questions / product description
« Last post by avulam on February 21, 2018, 03:34:20 PM »
I want to add more tabs to the product description section. How can I do that?
AbanteCart v2.0 / About redirections
« Last post by everchanging on February 21, 2018, 02:23:41 PM »
Hi guys, here is another suggestion that I personally did experience and could be very useful to Abantecart's upgrade.

Here is my personal experience:

Since we are creating an online store we want all our customers to visit our store in the https form (for security reasons plus for the fact that when our customers see the green "lock" they feel more secure).
Another reason why I wanted to do this, was because I am using a third-party template so I had css conflicts with the https and http urls. In my case the https was showing everything OK but not the http url. So yes, I wanted everyone to be send to the https url.

Frankly speaking I did not know how to do it and thanks to a member in here (thank you sam  :) ) I was finally able to do it!

However, I came across some serious issues afterwards:

1. One issue was that because the admin panel sends you to an http address (at least that is my case) I got locked out of it.
2. Second issue: Even if your https-address  store appears to be working correctly, when a customer tries to log in (due to another http case) you get hit with a critical error.

Consequently, and because I was unable to resolve all this stuff by myself, I did contact the guys of my hosting provider who thankfully did resolve the entire thing for me.

Bottom line is this: I do not know how much programming it may require, but just keep in mind the conflicts that may occur between https and http urls and regarding the marketplace... that the extensions are able to work in these (or both) urls... you do not want developers to get smashed for something like this.

Just throwing some ideas, with friendly regards  :)
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