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API Development / OTP SMS API
« Last post by Natashawilliams on Today at 09:14:07 AM »
I am developer by profession working in a bulk SMS service provider company as a senior developer now me and my team working on OTP SMS API which will enable two factor authentication through bulk SMS. Where users just have to integrate this API on their platforms to send automatic OTP SMS directly from the website
General Support / Directory root problems.
« Last post by paulbg on Today at 08:46:59 AM »
Hi, I installed AbanteCart in a directory: mydomain/AbanteCart (standard install) From there I built up the cart while my current HTML site resided in the root: mydomain.  Now the cart is ready I have updated the domain name root directory to: public_html/domainnamedirectory/AbanteCart.
However it doesn't load properly, it loads index.php and some images but not any of the stylesheets. (The old root directory doesn't contain any files now by the way.) Any suggestions? Thanks.
Customization help / Re: Social media icons Default HTML5 template (how to change)
« Last post by FCWC on August 18, 2017, 10:47:21 PM »
The title of the OG post should be edited to Social Media Icons - How to change and then made into a sticky.

At work today I figured this out myself AFTER spending some time searching these forums.
Not once did I get this particular thread (Im at home now) I actually tried to post the EXACT same thing from work but luckily it gave me a "cant post link" error so I didnt get it posted before i had to leave.

The biggest issue with forums is that they are never cleaned and sorted.
Once something like this has been solved it should go into a DOC and then  threads removed or linked to the resolution.  IE I read many threads today asking this. Some were posted after this OG thread.

How-to questions / Manufacturer Drop down List and Page
« Last post by FCWC on August 18, 2017, 04:10:50 PM »
So I want a drop down list (text -scroll-able) of my manufacturers.
I created a a Block:  (what is with the lower case manufacturer one already there?) 

Custom Block Name:  Manufacturers (made this plural due to the lower case one)
Custom Block Title: Manufacturers
Use block wrapper (appearance): Automatic
Listing Data Source: Manufacturers (from drop down list)
Limit: I tired nothing , 10 and 20

I then put it in the Template Layout.  I tried header, content and footer.
Each time it breaks something and all I get is a blank white page on the site.


The other thing I would like is a page that  list all Manufacturers by their respective icon.

In either the Drop down list or the ICON page, when manufacturer is clicked it would take you to another page listing the categories in which I have products in stock for the particular manufacturer.
General Discussion / Re: Product Tag via CSV Import
« Last post by elmergrech on August 18, 2017, 01:16:41 PM »
HI thanks for your help. The problem is that when i export through csv, clean and re import clean data, the system does not overwrite, it just adds to current data.

anyway, i managed to solve the problem by accessing and deleting bad data from the database directly/
Extensions and Add-Ons / HTML/CSS Filter
« Last post by smiya on August 18, 2017, 11:34:10 AM »
Hello Support,

I m new in your forum. I like to create a website commercial as soon as possible.
Now, i'm testing AbanteCart Platform. It's ok at this moment.

My question: I like to add in Categories pages a block HTML with filter to help clients to choose the good product like:  Color, Dimension, Price,...etc.
I find this filter for example:
codyhouse. co/gem /content-filter/     (Sorry, you are not allowed to post external links. )
I don't know how to add this one in AbanteCart Platform, also if it will work or no ?

My last question, if you know another website where i can found a simple filter code to add in my left column.

Best regards,
Support / Re: Some of the products photos does not shown in the front store
« Last post by Basara on August 18, 2017, 06:56:12 AM »
When you add new product make sure you create it in your store Base language.
If for example your Base language (System>Settings > Store) is English but you will create new product in the Hebrew this can cause some missing in English
Support / Re: Some of the products photos does not shown in the front store
« Last post by rotem88 on August 18, 2017, 06:16:54 AM »
i have no problem with translation , all the Hebrew Lang is OK,
the problem  is as i add new product by the admin-  add new product window,  text + photo
the text is showing on both languages ok
the photo is showing only on the English version of the website,  to my opinion ,
the call to show the photo on the Hebrew website in not ok all the time, sometimes, its ok, sometimes not

and i noticed also that
as storefront is in full screen size 1920*1080
and i click on the product zoom photo, a new shadowed bigger photo is opened and there is no option to close it (no little cross)
only back button on the browser (Firefox) will close it
Opinions / Re: Imoort - use names instead of an arbitrary #s
« Last post by Basara on August 18, 2017, 04:50:49 AM »

In upcoming 1.2.11 version will be Import Wizard where you dont need to use ID's for BASIC import
For testing purpose only you can try it
Opinions / Imoort - use names instead of an arbitrary #s
« Last post by FCWC on August 17, 2017, 06:31:10 PM »
New to Abantecart.
Giving it a try due to it's import capabilities.  So first - it takes allot of digging to find all the necessary documents on Import/Export.  IE - Action(s)  (Update the DOCs)
So getting to grips with the Import process and have found that when using the delete action the
database does not reset Cat_ID #'s.   If a user did not have to know these #'s it wouldn't matter but since you must know a parent ID in order to have a child they are very important in importing data.

Which brings my first suggestion - should be able to import via TEXT data only with  a maker for child or parent.
Say we have 20 different main categories
CAT-1 through CAT-20. Say each main category has 2 sub categories. So we have another 40 SubCats. (SubCat1 through SubCat40) System as it is now I would assign ID's (making sure database is clear) and Import in 2 parts. With MAIN first and then SUBs 2nd. (I tired in a single file using parent_cat_id but even though the TEST didn't error. The Import did)
After all this anytime you want to import products you will need to know the specific Cat ID #s for the particular item.   In my case this is 84 #'s.   Instead of Putting the name (ie Subcat-10) into a field one has to refer to a table lookup.  If you didn't assign them you have to export.

So is it not possible to have it where we use the names instead of an arbitrary #?
Simple file structure to import Categories:
Header: Category name , Cat. Description, Parent/Child , Parent Cat, cat Image file/path
Data:      Main Cat 1        ,  Main Cat 1       , Parent          , 0               , categories/MainCat1.jpg  )
Data:      Sub Cat 1         ,  Sub Cat 1         ,Child             , Main Cat 1, categories/SubCat1.jpg

In regards to products you would just use Sub Cat 1 under Category instead of the Product_Cat._ID #
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