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Customization help / How to remove all countries and zones except 1
« Last post by 247soups on Today at 01:44:45 PM »
I will like to get help on how I can remove all countries.
It wasn't easy to remove countries on more than 120 pages.

How can I do it easily?
While trying to remove 10 countries each, I got an error that zone is attached to the countries.

I need to remove then all.

Thanks in advance
Customization help / Re: Edit search Block
« Last post by jsitges on Today at 01:43:40 PM »
Sorry, after looking at what I wrote, even I am confused by what I wanted :D. Essentially I want the search block in the corner to also search models as well as names.


in the product.php file in the public_html/storefront/model/catalog/ directory edit 504 where it says
if (!$model){
and take away the '!'

that's it.

I did it for the descriptions and it worked.
General Support / Re: Directory root problems.
« Last post by paulbg on Today at 01:19:28 PM »
Thanks for the reply. The directory in settings is unchanged( as is the https: when I set it)
The installation hasn't been moved, from its install directory,  it doesn't need to be surely? All I have done is changed the domain directory's address
from: sitedirectory
to: sitedirectory/AbanteCart
With WordPress .Htacess and index.php need to be copied to the root as well, does AbanteCart need something similar?

It works fine when I point to that directory with other domain names?

can somebody fix my attached file, i am still can't figure it out how to align correctly in excel
Extensions and Add-Ons / Re: HTML/CSS Filter
« Last post by smiya on Today at 11:21:41 AM »
Thank you for your support.

Yes, i'm looking something like your extension.

But, if i find some FREE extension ( HTML/CSS ) code, can i create new extension in your Platform ?
Did you see the link in my 1st message ? can it work with AbanteCart ?

Extensions and Add-Ons / Re: HTML/CSS Filter
« Last post by abantecart on Today at 04:24:14 AM »
Welcome  Smiya to AbanteCart,

I think you are looking for something like below extension:
How-to questions / Re: Manufacturer Drop down List and Page
« Last post by abantecart on Today at 04:20:39 AM »
Hello FCWC.

What version of AbanteCart do you use?
General Support / Re: Directory root problems.
« Last post by abantecart on Today at 04:17:58 AM »
Check store URL setting in Admin. You need to update it.
You should be able to access admin, if you can not, you missed moving/copying file.

Make sure you moved all the directories and files. Double check file and directory permissions.
API Development / Re: OTP SMS API
« Last post by abantecart on Today at 04:12:38 AM »
Are you integrating this into AbanteCart?
Welcome to AbanteCart.

I am guessing what you need. If you need to move block elements on the page layout, you can do this in layout manager:
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