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General Discussion / Single client shipping price for multiple products
« Last post by RiaanN on Today at 09:00:30 AM »
Good day

I have a question regarding the products that needs to be loaded into the AbanteCart database.
Let’s say I have 10 products that I am planning to sel online. When I enter product 1 into the database I must supply a shipping price. And I need to do so for the remaining products. I pick a FIXED shipping price because the items are small and does not weigh much.

Now the question / Problem

When a client adds more than 1 item to the cart, the shipping price gets multiplied by the amount of items, and that should not be the case because if it is the same client I only need to ask shipping once.
Am I doing something wrong, or must I do the shipping price another way
Upgrade / Re: Images disappeared after upgrading to 1.2.11
« Last post by abolabo on Today at 05:46:43 AM »
did you tried to call image direclty? i mean by your url

Looks like your subdomain setup is  wrong
Prestashop and AbanteCart are different E-commerce platforms.
My Voguepay account is not live yet. Marchant Verification process is taking too long. (Unregistered business name).

RavePay is about the simplest and easiest, could it be that AbanteCart does not support it?

I'm just too stressed out. :(
Development Help Needed / Re: Install/Fix Multistore Gig $$
« Last post by Basara on Today at 01:31:21 AM »
I have been able to install a second store but I can't get the second store to load under it's own domain.  It loads under the original domain. Anyone here have experience with this and want to get it going for me? And tell me what I did wrong.  Tell me your time frame and price.



Make sure you point your second domain to same root on your server
I purchased VouguePay extention and not the Ravepay extension that shows prestashop.

Hello. In your screenshot Voguepay is installed and enabled. So what issue your have with voguepay?
Upgrade / Re: Images disappeared after upgrading to 1.2.11
« Last post by Basara on Today at 01:27:33 AM »

First of all please enable System Check in the System > Settings > System.

Then make sure to clear all AbanteCart caches, go back to Storefront, if no images check for new errors or warnings in the AbanteCart error log
How-to questions / Re: Auto Approval not working
« Last post by Basara on Today at 01:24:00 AM »
I have tried everything. I have my store completely set-up except I can't get the auto approval to work.

Hello. All your customers are APPROVED with default settings. You have an option to:
1. Enable manual approve - in this case please set Approve New Customers to ON
2. Verify customer's email to activate account - in this case please enable Email Activation
3. Prevent spam account by enabling captcha (or goole ReCaptcha) for create account form
I purchased VouguePay extention and not the Ravepay extension that shows prestashop.
AbanteCart v2.0 / Re: Improved notifications desired
« Last post by Basara on Today at 01:04:50 AM »
Forgot to mention.
AbanteCart is open source and you able to change it like you want. To send full details with IM or whatever.
I suggest to post this in Development Help Needed section
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