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Since I lost access to my 1.1.7 cart content and admin and cannot find out how to retrieve them, I want to install a new 1.2.5 cart and import all necessary files to regain the old content and formatting.

Can I backup the old cart by moving the 1.1.7 public_html file to a different folder and then install 1.2.5 to my server? And if I do, how do I get the old formatting and data into the new cart?

Can I just transfer certain files from the previous cart into the same place in the new cart? And if so, which files would I transfer without bringing in old 1.1.7 items that might corrupt the new 1.2.5?

Would I need to make any changes at my web host? The php 5.3.0 is currently installed and selected there. If it is necessary or would be better, it could be changed to 5.4.45.

Thanks webdevmerc,

I am the creator of the site and webmaster all rolled into one. Problem is, I don’t have full recollection of how it was done and where everything is, since it has been running passively for 2 years. I am slowly regaining some of it in trying to find the problem but not yet enough…

I had already found the admin url in config.php, but it only gets the same layout page and message that the page cannot be found.

I am not accusing AbanteCart of doing anything wrong—I only thought that any one of those upgrades could have resulted in the cart from 1.1.7 non functional. Is that version still valid and should be running?

I will check with my host Arvixe to see if they know of a potential cause from their end. They are responding to my questions very promptly.

I would really like to take the big leap to 1.2.5, but I would need some pretty good instructions how to get the formatting I did in the Dashboard and the stuff in the files on my server into it without bringing old 1.17 stuff in. Right now, without access to the Dashboard, I can only see the content of my files and folders. I have no access at all to the innards of AbanteCart at the moment.

I downloaded the new version to see which php version it was using, and I think the install instructions were to put the public_html contents on the server, go to the site and follow the instructions. Would it offer me in that process the opportunity to import the pertinent data from my previous cart?  If not how does one properly import data from an older site?  Thank you.

General Support / How do I retrieve admin pages access & cart content?
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:09:11 PM »
The link on our html homepage at to our cart brings up our layout with logo and links, but it does not access the categories or other content, nor do any of the links function. In addition, our admin page also cannot be located when I use the ADMIN_PATH ID in config.php.

I thought it was due to the php version discrepancy that I asked about in my previous post, but that is now version 5.3.0 in the index.php file and at the web host.

The cart was created in Nov 2013, so it is probably version 1.1.7. It functioned without problems until it vanished some time after Feb 2015. No changes were made by us to the cart since it was created, so some change at AbanteCart must have triggered the disappearance of the content and admin pages.

I could not find instructions how to upgrade from such an old version to the latest (1.2.5 I think), so could someone please tell me how to recover the cart and Admin pages and separately how to upgrade to the new version without losing the original formatting of the cart in the hope that would resolve everything?

Thank You.

General Support / Re: How do I change php version to match the default?
« on: January 19, 2016, 07:54:52 PM »
I have removed my previous replies made during my attempts to rectify this. Ultimately I settled the php part of the discrepancy by swapping my 5.2.0 file for the one you sent me to that defined the version as 5.3.0. I then contacted my web host who upgraded my php to 5.3.0 to match my index.php file.

This has enabled my homepage link to:   ... .com/index.php?rt=product/category&path=65  to land on a page in our cart, but it has no content and reports that that page cannot be located.

So our site is down and the link we had to the dashboard when we created the site last year is also dead ... so this problem is due to some other cause. Please help me find that and get our cart back online.  Thank you.

General Support / How do I change php version to match the default?
« on: January 17, 2016, 03:27:21 PM »
index.php content (and cart) disappeared. File references php version 2. cpanel defaults to version 4.  File says do not change content. How do I sync these and (I hope) get my cart back online.  Or could this be due to some other problem?

Customization help / Fix awkward English of zoom text on Product page
« on: December 14, 2013, 11:54:06 PM »
"Mouse move on image to zoom" is incorrect English.

In dashboard>System>Localization>Language, find product_product block, key: text_zoom, and rewrite "Mouse move..." to be "Move mouse..."

Since many do not use a mouse, I prefer "Move your pointer over the image to zoom in"

To Remove Print Button from Product Page:

public_html>storefront>view>default_html5>template>pages>product>product.tpl>lines 175-178

comment this out:

<!--<a class="productprint btn btn-large" href="#"
         class="icon-print"></i> <?php echo $button_print; ?></a>
   <?php echo $this->getHookVar('buttons'); ?> -->

General Support / Re: Coupon does not appear
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:37:59 AM »
Thanks Lee,

I have found an imperfect solution. I shortened the text to just PRIORITY Mail or EXPRESS Mail. The country, weight, and amount that are now excluded or truncated are elsewhere visible above and below the select box.

Design-wise, however, AbanteCart Admin should make the Estimate Shipping & Taxes box the same width as the box below with the totals in it. Then they could also make the select box much wider leaving us room to style the text title on it as we need to.

Of course, none of this would be necessary if AbanteCart would have a flat-rate shipping option one could fully customize to fit individual store practices, i.e. different shipping options (standard shipping and expedited) to each different location at different flat rates for each method and each location.

Thanks for the education. We are hosted by Arvixe whose SSL = $25 but also requires a dedicated server $2.00/mo. The info here seems to encourage signing up for it but I still wonder a bit.

I turned SSL (shared) on and entered the address Arvixe supplied. Checkout pages function normally but:

1) the url looks a bit scary, because our name is not part of it, though it does have the lock. Also our logo image (located in an AbanteCart image folder in the http section) disappeared, and I've been unable to configure a url that could make it show in its block even when I put the gif in the same default folder with the credit cards that do show (payment.gif) and used the same path to it.

I solved those problems for the time being by putting in a teal colored block with "Images and Things Secure Arvixe Cheetah Server" in it that ties our name to the cheetah.Arvixe ssl url and imparts an impression of security. Also, our charges are being processed by and PayPal whose logos will be on the Select Payment page.

2) If you delete the purchases in your cart and you are returned to the "Your shopping cart is empty!" page, the Continue button sends you to our home page, but does it using the base shared ssl url of that page instead of our domain url. That results in just the framework of our homepage showing without any images or css formatting.

Is there a way to get an image into protected pages from outside them or would there be a particular folder AbanteCart will be able to identify in which I would put  images that would be accessible from protected pages?

3) My main concern is whether or not a certificate warning is thrown up on entering our cart when shared SSL is operative. It does not appear when we go in. Does it appear when you click Add to Cart?

At this point, the thought of solving all these problems is making $49/year extra for a dedicated server and an SSL cert attractive!

General Support / Re: Coupon does not appear
« on: December 03, 2013, 01:43:43 PM »
Thanks again, that worked perfectly.

Now permit me to push this envelope one notch further.

1) The select box in Estimated Shipping & Taxes for this text is not quite wide enough to display my extended description. Can I (or you) access the file containing the form and its specs to add the necessary number of possible characters to its width?

General Support / Re: Coupon does not appear
« on: December 02, 2013, 03:53:32 PM »
Thank you Ilegrand. By mentioning the dollar amount option you triggered recognition of the fact that it was one thing I never entered, because we wanted the option for ALL purchases. But not entering a dollar amount at all causes the weight based extension to disappear from the select box and from checkout. So I entered a $ value and both options are now available.

I would prefer the Estimate Shipping & Taxes select box button title to be formatted to match my weight based titles that I achieved by revising the Locations titles in Weight-based shipping's Additional Settings—i.e. instead of saying just "Free Shipping-$0.00" I want it to say "PRIORITY MAIL to USA-$0.00". Is that form title in one of our files so I could re-title it?

General Support / Coupon does not appear
« on: December 02, 2013, 11:41:37 AM »
We are about ready to publish our new site, We have created a Free Shipping coupon, but it does not appear anywhere, and we cannot find the entry we have omitted or the error we have made.

Coupon Status is ON

Coupon settings: Code:free, Type:Fixed Amount, Discount:0.00, TotalAmount:0.00, Customer Login:No, Free Shipping:Yes, Date Start: 01/11/2013, Date End: 01/11/2099
Selected Products List: all products are selected

What's wrong?

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