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Hello Basara,

One more question.. we wish to use 2 shipping..

1. Standard Shipping
2. Express Shipping

Both are weight based (There is NO standard service provider for these 2 services, we will use custom rates from different logistics services and decide manually)

Can we clone this current shipping plan and rename it ?

Any idea ??

Thanks for your time & support.

Yesterday we did explored everything from scratch, and corrected the issue.

Thanks again..

This is a proven bug.. I have installed a fresh copy on another location and same issue is there.

Please recheck from your end as well.


I'm Sorry PW is correct

but user is : admin
(don't type full email)


Are you there ?

Did u received my PM ?

or please wait.. let me send you admin access in PM

Can u check this through Teamviewer ?

Hi Basara,

Thanks for your quick Reply

~ My version is 1.2.13
~ Cleared cache for browser already
~ Location: Only one location is there, it is INDIA
~ In weight based extension Rates defined only for INDIA and its status is ON

Still same issue is there.



While setting up my store.. I am facing following issues:

I have 2 options of shipping:-
    A. Free Shipping : When cart value exceeds Rs. 999  Value, automatically free shipping option appears.
    B. Below cart value of 999, Shipping fee should be decided by system based on weight of product.

My current settings are as follows:

A. Catalog > Product > Edit Product > Requires Shipping - ON, Fixed Shipping Fee: 0.00, LWH (correctly filled), Length Class, Weight Class and Weight is also correctly filled.

B. Extensions > Shipping > Default Free Shipping is ON (With Cart value Rs. 999) > Auto Select "ON"

C. Extensions > Shipping > Weight Based Shipping is ON (In additional Setting Tax Class is mentioned and also Rates we have mentioned correctly)

Now the issue is: When we select Product with cart value is less than 999, Weight based shipping doesn't appear and system doesn't allow me to checkout and a message appear "Error: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!"


When cart value exceeds 999 value,Free Shipping option appears correctly.

But another issue is that  when system detect 999+ cart value, still on next page system allow user to select Free Shipping or weight based or fixed rate shipping (through a radio button)

This is really confusing for me to fix. Last 3 days i am working on this but NO success, It seems this is a bug.

Please respond soon.....

Support / Error 1054 while loginto admin panel
« on: June 21, 2017, 10:24:44 AM »
Hello Team

This morning suddenly I am facing this message while logging in to my Abantecart Admin

Please advise.

Thanks for information.

But my issue is different... i need 5 products in a row (presently it is 4 products in a row)  So need to reduce size of Box. But didnt find this option yet.

Any Suggestions from experts ?


Template Support / Need 5 products to display in a row on Homepage
« on: June 25, 2016, 01:42:39 AM »
Hello Everyone, I am new to Abantecart. Please help me to fix this issue:

I wish to display 5 products (instead of 4 Products)

Please advise how to do this

Thanks in Advance

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