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General Support / Shipment Cost
« on: May 04, 2017, 05:52:05 AM »
Hi , I hope somebody can help me.

Here is what I wanna do, for example, regarding shipment cost:

Switzerland: Shipment cost 4 USD
Austria: Shipment cost 5 USD

Note: I deleted all zone: I don't need zone. The shipment cost is for whole country.

How can I do this???

I made:
-locations: GERMANY without Zones.
-choosed GERMANY by FREE Shipment under location.

It doesnt work.

Hi all..

The problem is solved now. If I enter in the browser: h t t p s ://.... then it works. so there was an issue with the SSL.

So I have added the following rule in the website's .htaccess file and the issue has been completely resolved now. ;D

Hi Guys

Following Issue:
If you go to my website, the ICON's will not show. Language= GERMAN

If you switch to ENGLISH, then ICON's show. If I reswitch to German, then works also..

Any thoughts and comments would be grateful...

 ;) Thank you...SOLVED now...


I spent many of hours and couldn't find a solution here in forum. I really need ****** help.

Here is my problem:
- If I change the language, the linked pictures doesn't show at front and backend.

Please check two files attached.

and icon's doesn't show also if I change the language.

Thank you for your inputs in advance.

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