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Support / Allow NONE to be selected for state/region in checkout
« on: October 10, 2018, 11:05:44 AM »
Question for you.
I've recently switched my store from another cart to abantecart.

One of my International customers (Singapore) tried to checkout and when entering the address Singapore has no state/region so the only option shown to select is -NONE-.
When selected and then clicking next it pops up a Red * and a message that says please select state/region.
Once again select -NONE- and once again you get the error message to select state/region.

Is there any way to ALLOW the SELECT OF NONE during checkout?
Or is there a way to disable the MUST SELECT region/state?

I have successfully recreated the issue.   if you would like to see the error happening as well.
I'm not sure of which countries in particular it will happen with -- but I know for sure it happens with Singapore.

Thank you

Hello - I was wondering if someone could tell me how to increase the number of items shown in a row.
Changing all the settings within admin in the settings-appearance to more than 4 just increases the number of rows - not the number of products shown in 1 row.
For example default is 4 shown in 1 row. If you increase to 8 that goes to 4 items in a row x 2 rows. If you increase to 10 that goes to 2 rows of 4 and a 3rd row of just 2 items.
I would like all 10 items to show in just 1 row across - so the items will be smaller & less rows for large product counts.
I have also decreased the size of the thumbnails etc and it simply decreases the size of the image and the rest of the product square remains the same size - thus keeping it 4 items in a row.

I have read all the manuals and done a million searches and all the answers talk about the above admin tweeks -  as people are misunderstanding the question.
A few answers have been to change the code in the core files of product and product listing etc -  to reference columns in the lines like this code
div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6 col-xs-12"
I have tried that and either nothing changes - or if you increase those numbers like 3 to 6 6 to 12 12 to 24 it actually makes less items in a row - only 2 or 1.
If you go the other way 3 to 1 6 to 3 and 12 to 6 it keeps 4 items in the row but then shrinks the items and crams them over to the left leaving a huge area of blank.

I feel like I've combed through the code everywhere looking for something that calls only 4 items to the row but don't see anything anywhere that makes a difference when it's changed.
You would think this would be an easy fix.

I would like this option because I have nearly 1000 products in 1 category and that's a lot of pages to scroll through for the customer. Increasing the number of items shown per page just makes a ton of scrolling down then still a ton of pages to click through. With 50 items per page that's 18 pages to click through. It would be great if I could make the products smaller to show ideally 10 or 12 items per row to decrease the number of rows and therefore pages.

Any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I currently run a heavily modded osc-max store and I'm starting to work on one in abantecart to hopefully switch to if I can get it to suit my needs.

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