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Having a few issues here on a new set up. I have followed the instructions on the setting up the writing permissions on the set up folders, etc based on your 0777 requests. So, I can make inventory and have tested that, seemed to work yesterday.

Today, I started to credit additional blocks like a picture of a twitter logo to place next to the shopping cart. Also a facebook one for a LIKE box. Both of those will not save the HTML that I am putting in. It comes out blank and all the code I put in there is gone.

Also, on the inventory, I have the products set up to subtract once something sells. And if it sells out it places OUT OF STOCK on it. Well, it does not say out of stock nor does subtract when I have run test orders. I have it so that it does not allow for check out of out of stock items, but it still allows check out.

Maybe it is a permission setting, but I see that based on the manual info for install that my permissions are correct. Any help would be appreciated.

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