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Languages and Zones / RTL Languages Support
« on: November 03, 2014, 03:39:52 PM »
Hello All, 8) 8)

I intend to built my own store and I need to have it dual language (English & Arabic)

As you know Arabic is Right To Left (RTL) language. I have a few questions in this regards,

1-The store will be completely right to left starting from the Logo which needs to be transferred to the right. to all the other blocks. (Featured, Latest Products, Bestsellers, etc...) also the words should be starting from right to left

2- What's my first stage of making the changes? are they all going to be only at style.css ?

3- Do I need to create two style.css to make one for Arabic and the other for English? if yes, how do I link it? so when the user select any of the languages it will automatically read from the correct style .css

4- How to make the changes and also make it possible to get the future updates?

Thank you All

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