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On my website, I currently have the following product come in different designs, however only one design is available. Rest of the designs will be available in the near future. How can I mark the ones not available as Out of Stock and not available to be added on the cart. Currently, it does not say in stock as i put quantity as "0", but the buyer can add them to the cart and the design neither say available nor unavailable. Please see the link below and kindly advice ASAP.

Many thanks


Could someone please advice, how could I set the product available date from today? Currently the calendar date starts from  March 2012 by default. I want to change this, therefore it shows date starts from today.

Please kindly advice. Thanks




Could someone please kindly advice how could list a configurable product on AbanteCart Cart ? I have product with different sizes and color. Price would vary based on the Sizes. Customer should be able to chose a product based on the size they want and price would display according to that size.

Please kindly advice as soon as possible. Thanks.

Kind Regards


Template Support / Problwm with Banner Settings-Please help
« on: April 15, 2016, 12:50:34 PM »

I am having problem with Banner settings. Please see attached images. Not sure what changed in where, original settings disturbed. Not sure how can I put my own banner (Image and change colour Background).

Please help. Thanks


I am having a problem with the product price. I have listed a product and set the price £15.00 after saving this, on the website it shows the price £9.68. (This is happening with all products)

Not sure why its reducing the price??

I have not set any other price or promotions while listing. Please help. Thanks

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