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Is there a way to list the Category ID number along with the Category Name that corresponds to it?

 I need this information to import new products so I can match them up to the correct categories. All I am seeing is the Category ID in my exported data. It would take a lot of work to look up the Category Name that goes with each Category ID for the dozens of categories that were created.

Is it possible to import new products and include Specials pricing along with the regular price?

Which columns are needed for that procedure? From my test export of a product with Specials pricing, I am seeing this column that contains the product specials ID and the product ID that of course do not exist yet for new products.

product_specials[0].product_special_id   and  the  product_specials[0].product_id

Do I simply delete those two columns and include all the rest of the product specials columns and their corresponding data?

I am assuming that the product_specials[0].product_special_id and theproduct_specials[0].product_id will be created for each product as it is imported.



What are the recommended fields when importing new products?


What are the required fields when importing new products?


How do you handle all the columns that reference the product id when there is no product id yet? If I leave this blank it generates errors when trying to import.


  • product_descriptions[0].product_id
  • products_to_categories[0].product_id
  • products_to_categories[1].product_id
  • products_to_stores[0].product_id
I have tried 6 times to import new products with no success. I found nothing about this in the manual and I am pretty sure that is what is causing the errors when I try to import new products.

Support / Error when restoring SQL database file
« on: November 26, 2016, 11:04:17 PM »
I tried to restore the database using the restore function in AbanteCart with a previously saved backup sql file that was generated within the AbanteCart Backup function. 

After running the restore I got this message:

 Warning: Please set what you want to backup or import!

Nothing was restored. What is causing this?

Currently on the storefront for Weight Based Shipping, the customer sees:   

USA (Weight:10lb):  $20.00

I want Weight Based to look this way:
Ground Shipping - Insured (Weight:10lb): $20.00

or even better get rid of the (Weight:10lb): and just show this:
Ground Shipping - Insured: $20.00

I searched through quite a few of the files in the default_weight folder in templates but could not find anything to edit to change USA to Ground Shipping. Perhaps that bit of text comes from somewhere besides those files?

If someone could tell me how to find where the label for Weight Based shipping is coming from and how to change it that would be appreciated.

I also want to be able to modify the FedEx display text for some or all of the various rates.

Currently for Fedex Ground it shows: FedEx Ground: $20

I want FedEx ground to look like this:

Ground Shipping: $20

I tried changing the customer side displayed text names for the various FedEx options in System > Localization > Language Definitions. I could get UPS Ground to display as Ground Shipping but none of the FedEx related ones would show the new text on the customer end in the shopping cart.

Would like to know how to change those also for FedEx Ground, 2 Day air etc.

Templates / Is there a WYSIWYG editor for CSS files?
« on: November 26, 2016, 11:15:06 AM »
I would like to edit my style.css files in an editor that shows the results in a WYSIWYG format and makes it easy to find exactly where to edit colors for each component without already knowing the name of the component - simply selecting it from the previewed web page.

I just tried a demo of Dreamweaver and found it very difficult to quickly figure out where to edit colors for various components.  I tried Stylizer 6 (not free but a demo). I found it a bit easier than Dreamweaver to find where to edit a specific component's color but it was still very awkward and time consuming, mostly just a "try this and see" method of elimination.

Both were tedious and difficult to the point of pointless sometimes to try to figure out.  Nothing else I have tried allows you to click on the page in question and instantly see where to edit the colors involved. HTML files are simple.

I want something that makes editing a CSS file as easy as an HTML file.  I want to be able to click on an area of the page and have it show me the color selected and provide an easy way to edit it.

Is there something out there that I have missed in my search?

Running 1.2.8

I was able to create a clone of the default template using rvalani's instructions found in the thread below. I tried the instructions at the beginning of the thread and was not successful in getting it to work. Maybe rvalani's post should be inserted at the top of that thread to save people some time and trouble.,1340.45.html

It is actually simple..
Step one download and paste into your extension folder
Step two go to your extension and install it after installation you should see developer tool tab under your section
Step three goto Design -> Template the clone the default template(via clicking folder like icon) Also create full clone it includes CSS, Javascripts etc
Step four Extension will be created for the cloned template, edit it then select the new template(one your have cloned) and save it
Go back to Design -> Template select the new template and start editing!!
v 1.2.8 is lot easier 7 clicks and it is created...

How / where to correctly edit blocks for this new template such as About Us,  Testimonials etc so that my changes won't be lost with an upgrade? 

Does it matter if I edit them under Design / Layouts then click on the edit icon for each block or should I be editing them in Design / Blocks, or doesn't it make any difference?

I keep seeing this randomly. Sometimes the pages load fine, others not so fine.  It doesn't matter which menu I click on in the Admin area.

Running AbanteCart version 1.2.8

I tried this in FireFox, Chrome and MS Edge and have my Ad Blocker totally disabled for my  AbanteCart store URL. Same problem with all three browsers. Sometimes it works fine, other times it locks up when any menu button is clicked.

Here is what happens

  • Log in to Admin Dashboard
  • Click on any menu
  • "Busy" indicator starts to spin
  • New page never loads no matter how long I wait
  • Clicking the "back" button in the browser won't get me back into the Admin area unless I click all the way back to the first page / Dashboard login.
  • Sometimes clicking back to the original login page doesn't work and I have to close the window and log back in to the Admin anew.
No problems accessing other installations such as my two Magento stores on the same website / host when this is happening with the AbanteCart installation.

I had my hosting company check to see if there were any problems on their end. This was their reply:

I believe the issue should be related with some operations/queries taking more time to update leading the navigation to be slow at times and it most probably should be an application issue as the resource usage are not hitting any limits at the server end.

Any suggestions on how to "fix" this would be appreciated. I really am liking AbanteCart but if it will continue having this problem it won't work for me.

Customization help / How to add Shipping Insurance to every order
« on: November 23, 2016, 07:53:23 AM »
None of the US based shipping extensions take into account the value of the items in the order.

We never ship anything without full insurance so I am going to be charged $1 for every $100 in value by FedEx for example. The FedEx shipping extension only quotes the shipping cost and does not add in the cost of the insurance.   On a $1000 item I will lose $10 on every shipment this way.

How can I add the insurance value to the shipping fee or if that won't work, as a separate charge at checkout based on the tota value of the order at 1%? 

I don't want to add this price into the product price myself - I want it added at checkout with the description that it is shipping insurance.

Support / Email as login name - non case sensitive
« on: November 21, 2016, 07:25:18 AM »
I want to set the customer login as their email address. ( I understand that this is an option but I haven't been able to find where to set that yet, still looking)

My main concern is that I am seeing posts on here talking about how the email address as login is case sensitive. I don't want it that way as sometimes people randomly capitalize letters in their email such as JohnSmith(a)  - then the next time they log in they might type it as johnSmith(a) which would not work if it was set to be case sensitive.

Can this be done? Where and how is it done if yes?  (Also wouldn't mind knowing where to set the login name to default to their email....though I will probably eventually find it.)

General Support / Freezes when trying to save settings in Admin
« on: November 21, 2016, 05:59:41 AM »
When I change any of the settings in the Admin area System/Settings/General, then click to save them, often I just get the spinning "busy" circle that never stops, never returning to the menu where I was. I have to close the window and log in again. When I return to that same place I see that it did save my settings.

I get this also sometimes when logging in to the Admin.

Any suggestions on what might be causing this?

Customization help / Renaming Cheque / Money Order payment option
« on: November 21, 2016, 05:15:35 AM »
I am new to AbanteCart and this forum. I am a long time Magento user but I am interested in migrating to AbanteCart Cart as it seems to offer the options I am looking for in a more easily understood format.

Sorry if this question was answered elsewhere but I could not find it with a search.

I would like to rename the payment extension Cheque / Money Order so that it displays US Postal Service Money Order on the customer side, or possibly the American spelling of Check / Money Order.

Any help finding the correct file to edit and where to find this in that file plus the correct way to do that would be greatly appreciated.

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