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I'm using chrome & inspector to modify css. 

On several occasions, a particular page element will have a reference to a .less file, such as:




I looked in the folders for my cloned template extension, and also in the folders for the default template.  I can't find any less folders or files.

I tried the same thing with Firefox and firebug, same result.

Why are these browsers giving a reference to less files?

How do I edit styles that are sourced in less files?  Does abantecart have less files located somewhere in the code?  Location?

How do I make style changes to these kinds of elements so that the changes will not be overwritten during future updates?


Customization help / How to improve available menu options
« on: May 26, 2017, 04:27:57 AM »
The menu block cannot be moved to header-bottom or anywhere else. 

The content menu block cannot be moved out of the footer.

The category menu block is the best looking menu, but inflexible in purpose. 

I need a simple and elegant site, with a clean design.  Abantecart is very busy, with many features that are not necessary for a simple elegant site.  In particular, the menu system seems quite inflexible.  I'd like a page-wide navbar below a simple clean header. 

I tried the following:
1 -turn off header menu block and footer content menu block, then re-purpose category menu block into a general purpose nav menu, but this apparently requires major code work. 

2 - turn off category menu block and move menu block into header_bottom, but this is not permitted.  Why not?  It would be so easy to allow header menu block to be placed below header, but no.  Is there a way to put this block into header_bottom?

3 - I tried same approach with moving "content" menu block from footer, but it cannot be moved and i can't even figure out how to edit it. 

Is there a way to achieve a simple navbar menu below the header?

I don't need a category menu navbar at all.  I placed a category listing block in content_bottom and put all 6 of my categories right on the home page.  Clean and simple. 

Now i just need a simple 4-item navbar below the header, that doesn't collapse on medium screens. 

Inflexibility is damn Frustrating.  I hate to abandon my efforts here, but joomla is really starting to call me back. 

BTW - I cloned a template extension, but it bothers me that the clone doesn't have all the core files necessary for customization, meaning that I may lose some changes each update?

I cloned to the default template to a new template extension called id_1.

On the Designs>Templates page, I selected the new template.   

On the Designs>Layout page, I selected the new template id_1 and the Home Page layout, and Saved. 

I deleted 2 items from the Social Icons block and Saved. 

Nothing happened. 

So I deleted the same 2 items from Social Icons on id_1 and the Default Page Layout, and Saved.

I cleared cache on the browser and AC. 

Nothing happened.  The Social Icons did not change on the front end. 

Whenever I return to the Layout page on the backend, the template setting has returned to Default instead of id_1. 


How do I make the Layout page stay on id_1 instead of returning to Default template every time. 

How do I save changes to layouts within the the id_1 template and then actually see mu changes on the front end? 

I'm working on xampp.  No live site. 


changes to

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