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Is there a way to apply the custom discount at the time of cart summary or on the checkout page?
I have created a custom coupon feature which is totally different from the inbuilt feature. The backend (admin) is ready for that But when I am applying that coupon so I cannot get how to add a custom line item in cart summaries like tax or shipping.
Could you please suggest something to me for this?

Thank you


Currently, Working on Extension Class in the core folder. I am not getting how to access model or how to access db->query from extension class?
When I try to load any model in extension class so it says undefined method of null object. And same for db query.

Anyone please help me. Small hint will be enough to understand it.

Thank You

Customization help / How to create a menu link for XML feed
« on: January 14, 2019, 01:30:08 AM »
I am new to Abantecart. And I am trying to create a menu link for XML feed of orders for some of my other system link ship station, QuickBooks etc.
Could anyone tell me how to create a page for that? Or Is there any documentation available for that?

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