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1 shut down by FBI or something but still displays on your page.

Hi, i am using centos web panel and i am using nginx apache varnish, i am wondering what setting of nginx i need to edit to get SEO URL's working.
The site is please advice as i have some other errors that are most likely related.

How, can i get abantecart CMS to work correctly? I am using Nginx apache varnish web server, should i go back to Apache only? Maybe it is just a small thing i need to do but i can not find any answers using Google search.
I migrated the website from cPanel but also having the same issue with a newly installed domain using Abantecart CMS.  When the 2 links at the bottom of the page are clicked on it goes to an error page or not found.

Using centos 7 - CWP Pro.

As far as i can tell it is not a mod security issue or htaccess issues, though i think i need to add something to nginx.conf or edit another part of the nginx configurations in CWP admin panel.

SEO URL not working on 5 sites on 3 different CWP servers so yes it is CWP related but not getting any answers on their forum.

Already posted here

Thanks, any replies much appreciated.

The correct English would be:
Your order will not be shipped or completed until payment is received.

How can i edit this? I want to say:
Your order will not be completed until payment is received.

The file i am looking for is called:
checkout/guest_step_3  or guest_step_3 most likely the file would be .tpl

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