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Support / Re: adding quantity to cart.. more than is available
« on: August 15, 2017, 03:52:33 AM »
Hi Basara, yes I know you can show the available quantity to the customer, but there is nothing stopping the customer from ordering MORE than the quantity available on the product page.
It only generates a warning on the shopping cart page to say the quantity required isnt available.
I was hoping that there was a setting that would stop the customer from ordering more than is available on the product page, rather than on the cart page.

I dont abantecart can do this.
Thanks for your help

Support / Re: adding quantity to cart.. more than is available
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:34:53 PM »
Thanks for that but does it cater for stupid customers who dont notice the availability and put say, 8 in the qty required field, when availability is showing 3.
It just seems more sensible to inform the customer on the product page that the quantity required is not available rather than showing it on the shopping cart page.

Support / adding quantity to cart.. more than is available
« on: August 14, 2017, 06:25:43 AM »
Just wondering if there is a setting somewhere that I'm missing.
On my product page under the description it tells me I have 1 available, but it quite happily allows me to put more than that number into the quantity box and to click "add to cart".
Then it shows me the shopping cart page and tells me that the quantity I want is not available.

Is there a setting somewhere than will check available quantity ( as displayed on the product page) against the quantity requested when I click "add to cart" ?.

Thanks in advance

If you have Softaculous or Installeron ....
Unfortunately Vidahost dont have Abantecart... would make life a lot easier.

BUT.... I'm progressing....
I've noticed that before the install, system/config.php is empty apart from a line feed on line 1, when it gets to the blank screen page and has plonked the "cannot create headers" message into errors.txt, system/config.php contains 2 lines... the original and a 2nd blank line.
So I'm now on the hunt for where config.php is populated during the install process.
Me and my best pal "grep" are going to be busy for a while :-)

How do you upload AbanteCart installation to your server? FTP, cpanel or softaculous installation?
I do it via ftp. I send the stock zip file up using filezilla /binary and then uncompress on the host.... are you thinking that maybe ftp is substituting the odd character ?

The error that you get indicates that some file have extra line or character before <?php
Yes, what I read all over google, but if that IS the case, its come from the AbanteCart coders as its a pure install, untouched by myself.
As I said, it installs with no issues at all, when I install it to my locahost. It's only a problem when installing to my web host.
Wonder if something is handled differently when installing locally (uniserver windows).

Hi Folks
I'm trying to install abantecart to my hosting server (vidahost).
I get the main screen displayed, where I have to tick to accept the license condition and click continue, but when I do, the screen stays blank.
I've looked in errors.txt and all that in there is a warning that....
AbanteCart core v.1.2 cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started ..... public_html/abantecart/system.config.php:2) in ..... public_html/abantecart/core./helper/utils.php on line 1198

line 1198 of utils.php says ..
1196 function redirect($url){
1197   if(!$url){ return false; }
1198   header('Location: ' . str_replace('&amp;', '&', $url));
1199   exit;

Anyone got any pointers ?
I've read up on the problem and there are a lot of replies about checking for whitespace, but I've already installed this on my localhost (uniserver) without any problems, so really am at a loss to understand why its not working with vidahost.

...ok update !
After searching online I added ob_start(); to core/helper/utils.php
The installation completed without a problem...I expected to see some output error message, but nothing !
Just to make sure I hadnt messed up, I took out the ob_start line, tried to install and again.. blank page with the complaint about headers.
Put ob_start back in again, installs fine without issue.
Now I am totally confused !

Built-in Features / Re: Sagepay
« on: September 06, 2015, 04:28:17 AM »
I think Sagepay have have now moved to version 3 and the Abantecart sagepay mod was version 2.
Probably a complete rewrite required.
Shame, the more I played with Abantecart the more I thought it was just right for me... back to the drawing board though, if theres no sagepay mod.

Documentations & Manuals / Need detailed info on import fields
« on: December 19, 2014, 04:33:08 PM »
I've installed abantecart onto a test server and want to copy my live Magento products to abantecart.

Is there a document that will tell me what each import field is / what the values are..

I've created a few products in AbanteCart and exported them so I can see what needs to go where, but things like this....


Could really do with knowing what all that means :-)


Thanks for that Lee, checked and its set to 120, which I believe is the default.
I think it MAY be a problem my end.
I've installed Abantecart to another domain and that seems to be working normally.
The original domain was erroring with Internal Server Error (500) a few days ago, so I've asked the hosting co. if there might still be a problem there somewhere !
I've tried using Fiddler to see what it might be doing, but of course, while its being monitored, it behaves itself !

I'll class this one as a problem my end as I seem to be the only person with this problem.
Cheers for your help though, very grateful.

Version 1.2  fresh install....
Go into back office and try to start customising currency etc, (nearly) every time I select something, I'm bounced back to the admin login screen, have to click login, then I'm taken to the page I was working on..
Have uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cookies, cleared cache... nothing helps !
Confused (and starting to get annoyed !).

Any advice gratefully received..

General Support / Homepage Banner Block is messed up !
« on: December 18, 2014, 05:27:18 PM »
I've just installed the latest abantecart and the banner block on the homepage is "split"
I've done nothing apart from install it.
Havent seen any other people mentioning so it must be something my side, but as I say, all I've done is install it !
Any thoughts ?
(pic attached)

Support / Also viewed or customer also looked at ....
« on: July 22, 2014, 05:48:47 AM »
I cant seem to find a "Also viewed" block.
I would like to show, on the product page the items that the customer last looked at.
Also is there a "Customer also looked at..." block ?, that would be useful so customers could see what items other customers looked at.
Are these available in Abantecart or maybe they're called something different ?

Support / Re: Global attributes - size and colour
« on: April 25, 2014, 05:57:04 PM »

Time to dust off my php for dummies book then :-)
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

Support / Re: Global attributes - size and colour
« on: April 25, 2014, 02:09:25 PM »
ah, yes.
I tried it that way first.

The problem I have is that all my products have unique SKU's..

White T Shirt, Small SKU001
White T Shirt, Medium SKU002
Black T Shirt, Small SKU003
Black T Shirt, Medium SKU004

By using the Parent Child attributes, I can assign an individual SKU to each product, but the dropdown box looks messy.
If I have separate dropdowns for Colour and Size, I cant assign separate SKU's to them :-(

You cant think of a way I can achieve this can you ?

If I can get this bit working, then abantecart is absolutely perfect for me :-)

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