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what messages in error log?

It is not an error log message. It is a "Message" from the message center accessed via the icon in the upper right hand of the admin control panel, next to email icon. It is a popup message from AbanteCart that constantly pops up in my face. It is not an error. It nags me to "check out" thinks and "Learn more" by going to an URL. It IS a message, but it does not appear as one in the message center.

What is your AbanteCart version? Usually wizard appear only after installation

latest version - I discovered that this was due to the fact that I had not activated a payment method. From the wizard's point of view, I had not finished the wizard, so it was starting up to let me finish. However, I HAD previously installed (but not activated) a payment method. This is something the developers should look at, however, as there are good reasons I might NOT want to activate a payment method on an unfinished, unsecured, store in development.

Configuration / how to stop Quick Start Wizard and other annoyances
« on: April 11, 2017, 04:30:55 PM »
Hello - every time I log in or navigate to the dashboard, the Quick Start Wizard pops up. I've already run the wizard and completed all the settings, yet it continues to pop up... every...time... it's annoying as hell. Please tell me there is some way to stop it from doing so.

Also, I seem to have a perpetual nag message that desperately wants me to do various things; leave a review, get a hosting partner and "Learn More". Same question.


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