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Was wondering if there was anymore thought to my suggestion(s), still keeping Abantecart in mind, but getting close to needing to get going on the build. Thanks!!

Thanks llegrand,

Well I'm certainly open to any questions on my specific need :) More than open, lol. I'll think about it more, now that I know what I want is not possible at this time. I was just trying to work with the software, because it looked like it could be done, due to having all the attributes and options already there. "All" that is necessary is hooking them up...but that is in quotes because I know there is more to it than that. :)

I am still looking at Abantecart in general. I've only had the demo for two days. I'm still curious about the rest of it's features and now that I know my required feature is not available now, I can finally look at the rest of the cart features, LOL.

I'm not in a huge hurry. I'll wait and see for now. I'm hoping it will be added into the core of Abantecart. Digital sellers need this option more than is recognized. :)

Thank you!


This is going to be really long, my apologies. I am including your quotes to help out, lol. Thanks for such a detailed response.

Wow,  so many questions and most are actually answered in the documentation or simply by playing with a demo or doing an install of Abantecart -  it is free.

I thank you for your response, but I feel you misread. Or maybe I did, not sure...  I was not looking for answers to all the things I listed, I was responding to eCommerce Core's request for ideas for new implementations or features, which is how I understood his post.  And, I noted in my post, that I could possibly already do these things, but I had not gotten to the rest of the features in the demo...because I got stuck on the download options in the demo...which I am playing with, as stated in the original post. :)

as to your sizing issues - 

It's a workaround, but the problem for me is, it would seem, that I would have four or five different product pages for the same "photo", each one with a different size, which after a certain number of products, is confusing to the customer, and it clutters up the store. I actually would just simply move on to a different cart than do that. :) I may even option out more than just size, which would become an out of control issue very, very fast. There are a few carts that have this "options linked to download files" capability (with plugins), but they also have some shortcomings, so I was trying Abantecart. It looks great so far, but I do need that one feature for sure. My product is more complicated than photos, I was just using that scenario for ease of understanding.

But  yes,  there is a link in the order email sent to your customers, ...

When I purchased from my cart, I didn't get an email. I also saw someone else with the same problem on the forum in a different post which was unsolved, I can't find it right now. I went into my own demo, and made sure I was logged in and all my info was correct, purchased, then in the admin panel completed the order which is a requirement for releasing downloads..etc. Still no email, even though my downloads are available in my account. There may be a setting I am missing, I will go back and check.

As for the rest, thank you for clarifying. I am slowly making my way through the demo, but I would honestly be wasting my time without the feature needed in my original post. This is why I asked on the forum in the first place. I do hope the feature is implemented, I have a few weeks before I really need to have it to begin developing. Abantecart is a huge contender if this feature is implemented by then.

Thank you both for your replies, I really do appreciate it. And I would really like to see the implementation I mentioned in the original post.

If I misunderstood eCommerce Core's response, I apologize. :)

If you are looking for any ideas related to digital files, I have some. I might be able to do some of these already. My main concern was the linking of the download options to files as this is a requirement of any cart I choose. Once I make it past this, I will delve into other features of the cart.

Oh, this totally blew by me, it needs to send receipts for the downloadable products too, just like it does/should for tangible items. The download link could be in this email.

I would LOVE for the cart to check the logged in user's previous purchases when they put something in their cart, and alert them if they have purchased the item before. This could be done in a pop up or in the cart under the product. This way they wouldn't rebuy accidentally. They could continue to buy again, or choose to delete from the cart at that time.

I plan to offer a daily or weekly free download to logged in members. A way to offer free downloads in a specified area would be good (like in a Block if I am understanding the Design functions correctly, I haven't even gotten to that yet.

I'd like to feature new items automatically (generated from the available on date in AbanteCart) in a Block or specified place on my site.

I need to offer a pdf of the products specs as a (free) download on the product's page. (might be able to do this already)

If I update a the files in a downloadable archive (such as replacing a file that has an error), I would like to email the customers that purchased that product, so they can re-download.

That's all I can think of right now. :D

Ah, I see. Yes I would love an implementation. The bones are really already there, and I was surprised when you said it was not built in. I meant a "fix" to whatever I thought I was doing wrong, lol. I guess I should have said "solution" instead.

And, as for other ideas...yes. The system needs to have an email sent out to the customers that lets them know their files are ready for download, with a link to their "download area" in the email. It doesn't need to be a link to the file(s), just to the general downloads area. Being able to customise the email would be great.

Now, can you have it implemented, like, yesterday? :D Kidding :)

Thank you!

Hi :) Thanks for responding, but I am not sure I'm understanding your reply. Are you just reiterating my problem, or suggesting a fix?

Configuration / Linking Product Options to Download File Attributes
« on: March 31, 2015, 11:49:45 AM »
I am fiddling around with the demo. I am going to sell downloadable products. The product will be on one page with size options. I have uploaded all the zip files with different sizes. However I can't seem to link the appropriate files with the products options.

For example, I want to sell a photograph.
The photograph's page has the following options:
     Size: small
And I have uploaded zip files with the following:

And I have download attributes set up with the same names, and have chosen the correct one for each file.

Now, when the customer goes to the product page for the image, and chooses the large one, and checks out, how can they get only the file? Right now, it just gives them all the sizes in their downloads area. This doesn't make sense to me, I can't find how to link the correct download files with the correct options.

Also, the Abantecart doesn't seem to send the customer a notice that their files are available, or a link to the site, or anything. Why not? What am I doing wrong here? Thank you.

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