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I get this error when trying to import new products with Specials pricing:

Missing relation ID product_id for insert action in table product_specials. Skipping.

Is there a detailed step by step process list somehwere of how to import new products with regular and specials pricing? I don't see it in the documentation.

Is there a way to list the Category ID number along with the Category Name that corresponds to it?

 I need this information to import new products so I can match them up to the correct categories. All I am seeing is the Category ID in my exported data. It would take a lot of work to look up the Category Name that goes with each Category ID for the dozens of categories that were created.

Is this field required to import products or should the column be removed since there is no product ID yet?


Is it possible to import new products and include Specials pricing along with the regular price?

Which columns are needed for that procedure? From my test export of a product with Specials pricing, I am seeing this column that contains the product specials ID and the product ID that of course do not exist yet for new products.

product_specials[0].product_special_id   and  the  product_specials[0].product_id

Do I simply delete those two columns and include all the rest of the product specials columns and their corresponding data?

I am assuming that the product_specials[0].product_special_id and theproduct_specials[0].product_id will be created for each product as it is imported.



Support / Re: Error when restoring SQL database file
« on: November 29, 2016, 06:12:32 AM »
I can't remember what I selected. I will test it again. In the meantime using the C-Panel to restore the database seems to work fine.

Thanks. I finally understand what was needed. The columns that contain the product ID must be REMOVED. I was using an export CSV from my store that contained those columns and thought they needed to be there.

Are there any advantages to using TABs vs Commas for the delimiter in the CSV file?

I did read that and followed the instructions. I saw no mention of how to import the requested fields (product description, product category etc.) when there is not yet a product ID assigned. Without the product ID (which was being assigned at import so I could not put it in the required column) the import failed.

Should I create an additional column for these fields like the one used to create a new product ID with the header action with insert below it so that the import will work where a product ID is required to import those particular fields?

What I ended up doing that did finally work was to import the product with the bare minimum information and THEN add things like Categories, Descriptions etc. and re-import.

No matter what I tried if importing new products that needed to have a product ID assigned to them, the import failed when I had data in the category, description and other fields.

If you could point me to the exact text that tells how to do this I would appreciate it. I have read the documentation several times and cannot find it.

Templates / Re: Is there a WYSIWYG editor for CSS files?
« on: November 28, 2016, 07:18:36 AM »
Great. I will try that out. Thanks!

Understood. Thanks!

Thanks for that information. I was able to make the desired changes.

What are the recommended fields when importing new products?


What are the required fields when importing new products?


How do you handle all the columns that reference the product id when there is no product id yet? If I leave this blank it generates errors when trying to import.


  • product_descriptions[0].product_id
  • products_to_categories[0].product_id
  • products_to_categories[1].product_id
  • products_to_stores[0].product_id
I have tried 6 times to import new products with no success. I found nothing about this in the manual and I am pretty sure that is what is causing the errors when I try to import new products.

Support / Error when restoring SQL database file
« on: November 26, 2016, 11:04:17 PM »
I tried to restore the database using the restore function in AbanteCart with a previously saved backup sql file that was generated within the AbanteCart Backup function. 

After running the restore I got this message:

 Warning: Please set what you want to backup or import!

Nothing was restored. What is causing this?

Customization help / Re: How to add Shipping Insurance to every order
« on: November 26, 2016, 09:10:30 PM »
I was able to add a percentage fee at checkout using Handling Fee which basically takes care of the insurance, since FedEx charges about 1% of the value of the declared value.

I renamed Handling Fee to Shipping Insurance. Using 1.25% gets the total of the shipping fee plus the added insurance close enough to the actual amount I will be charged by the carriers.

Currently on the storefront for Weight Based Shipping, the customer sees:   

USA (Weight:10lb):  $20.00

I want Weight Based to look this way:
Ground Shipping - Insured (Weight:10lb): $20.00

or even better get rid of the (Weight:10lb): and just show this:
Ground Shipping - Insured: $20.00

I searched through quite a few of the files in the default_weight folder in templates but could not find anything to edit to change USA to Ground Shipping. Perhaps that bit of text comes from somewhere besides those files?

If someone could tell me how to find where the label for Weight Based shipping is coming from and how to change it that would be appreciated.

I also want to be able to modify the FedEx display text for some or all of the various rates.

Currently for Fedex Ground it shows: FedEx Ground: $20

I want FedEx ground to look like this:

Ground Shipping: $20

I tried changing the customer side displayed text names for the various FedEx options in System > Localization > Language Definitions. I could get UPS Ground to display as Ground Shipping but none of the FedEx related ones would show the new text on the customer end in the shopping cart.

Would like to know how to change those also for FedEx Ground, 2 Day air etc.

Templates / Is there a WYSIWYG editor for CSS files?
« on: November 26, 2016, 11:15:06 AM »
I would like to edit my style.css files in an editor that shows the results in a WYSIWYG format and makes it easy to find exactly where to edit colors for each component without already knowing the name of the component - simply selecting it from the previewed web page.

I just tried a demo of Dreamweaver and found it very difficult to quickly figure out where to edit colors for various components.  I tried Stylizer 6 (not free but a demo). I found it a bit easier than Dreamweaver to find where to edit a specific component's color but it was still very awkward and time consuming, mostly just a "try this and see" method of elimination.

Both were tedious and difficult to the point of pointless sometimes to try to figure out.  Nothing else I have tried allows you to click on the page in question and instantly see where to edit the colors involved. HTML files are simple.

I want something that makes editing a CSS file as easy as an HTML file.  I want to be able to click on an area of the page and have it show me the color selected and provide an easy way to edit it.

Is there something out there that I have missed in my search?

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