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Title: 406 Error - Not Acceptable popping up in admin area
Post by: robotprom on July 07, 2017, 10:40:49 AM
Yesterday, I started getting 406 Error - Not Acceptable notices when I logged into my Admin area and went to Orders or any other area except for Dashboard.

I dug through some troubleshooting, and eventually disabled Mod_security on my web host, but i'm still getting the error. I contacted my hosting company, InMotion, and they feel like it's a configuration problem within Abantecart.

I've done the troubleshooting here: docs.abantecart.com/pages/tips/troubleshooting.html and that didn't resolve it.

Once it throws a 406 error the only way I can get it to let me log back in is by flushing the HTTP_IS_RETINA and AC_CP_3F74CEFC83 cookies.

Anything else I can try?