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 :(I asked them, no changes.

I have operated the same method many times. It has been successful before.

After clicking Save, a prompt for successful modification will pop up. The save button cannot be clicked, and after a while, the added content disappears.

The screenshot I showed is like this

For the site itself, I don't have any action, just create a new product, but I can't save it when I add a product category to “options”.

I tried to modify the“ options” section of the previous successful product, but I still can't save it.

Has anyone encountered this situation? How to solve it?

Advertisement found in this. Is there a security hole in this place?

The database was maliciously irrigated

Site front only evaluation area can leave a message,
So how does this malicious operation come true?

In addition, these malicious garbage hiding in the database where?


DOes the site iself have a database backup? What is the path?

How to avoid this happening again?

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