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General Discussion / Where is the wysiwyg editor in AbanteCart 1.2.9 ?
« on: January 13, 2017, 03:22:41 AM »
How with this pseudo BBCode editor will be able to have fully formatted detailed description on products ?
And if tinyMCE (I don't like it personally too) - (GIT)(Visual editor remove code #747) , why the hell there is no option for CK Editor or others, there are so many alternatives.

Is there something planned for 1.2.10, or should return to branch 1.1.x or another application ?

Thanks in advance.

In addition to this, who is this brainless bot/idiot did the build in translation tool in AbanteCart ?
Can you be so brain dead, tell me please ? What for is added this pseudo translation tool ? If is used - translation can't be shared, and that's written with small font somewhere in the docs....

I saw a lot of PHP devs acting like idiots (specially GPL abusers on Joomla and WordPress extension markets, but current team leads the table of being biggest idiot ever.... never mind, I will finish the planned translation, bcz I have client, but look at yourself and all extensions/translations currently done. No updates to any extension or translation, otherwise AbanteCart have some good additions which don't exist in other forks..... but please can you answer me this few questions ?

1. Who is the idiot decided to use XML files instead of INI or Gnu Gettext ? You should be really brainless !
2. For what reason tinyMCE is removed and not replaced by something better ?
3. What for you added option to done translations from administration, since they are not usable ?
4. What for I have to connect my shop to somewhere to download and install free extension ?
5. Why some blocks are invisible to removal ?
6. Do you ever read and respond to those forums ?

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