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trying to upload the .mp4 video clip files to my store, to sell each download as a product in my store. but i've watched the tutorial video 20 times and i'm still doing it wrong.  ii can upload a thumbnail/small picture to represent the video for download and i can write the description, but i can't get the video file to upload and show on my store product page.


Thx in advance!

my categories tabs/bar disappeared from my store front page...please help me! i'm desperate, i dont wanna delete  AbanteCart cart and start over with open cart..i think i did it sometime when i was looking at the blocks of a page and trying to figure out how that works..i noticed my categories missing soon after. now i can't see my categories, and therefore i cnt see my products in my store, except as an admin. all that shows on my store is the paintings that are featured.

thx in advance!

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