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hello and thx for helping me again!
sorry to be such a techtard.

anyways, yes! the link you gave as an example of how it should look when done right is exactly what i want, minus the little audio sample given in the description. i attached a screenshot showing that i haVE just a small pic  to represent the product download, but there's no actual download as far as i can tell, even though i've uploaded this file like 3 times now. and i went through the steps to add the download to the product but for some reason im missing something... when i try to see the product page with a description, it doesn't show the video file to download.

attached screenshot of my page where i'm trying to have the downloadable clip for sale

trying to upload the .mp4 video clip files to my store, to sell each download as a product in my store. but i've watched the tutorial video 20 times and i'm still doing it wrong.  ii can upload a thumbnail/small picture to represent the video for download and i can write the description, but i can't get the video file to upload and show on my store product page.


Thx in advance!

THANK YOU kind Sirs!! my categories is back now!

Thx Basara for helpingme..i followed instructions but it was already enabled. i enabled it again anywayys and no change. still no categories bar showing up. what else can i do?
screenshot of my page below

my categories tabs/bar disappeared from my store front page...please help me! i'm desperate, i dont wanna delete  AbanteCart cart and start over with open cart..i think i did it sometime when i was looking at the blocks of a page and trying to figure out how that works..i noticed my categories missing soon after. now i can't see my categories, and therefore i cnt see my products in my store, except as an admin. all that shows on my store is the paintings that are featured.

thx in advance!

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