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Customization help / Checkout customization
« on: November 12, 2014, 12:09:49 PM »
Hello.  I'm new to AbanteCart  but after downloading and testing 8 other open source carts this was the absolute easiest to deal with.   
My store isn't technically open to the public ( of course I can't really control that I know ) but is designed for parents of a small private school.  I have set it up so they can get free downloads ( YAY ! It was the only one that understood free meant no credit cards required).  The question I have is how can I fix it so that the check out only REQUIRES the username,  customer last name, customer first name and email address when they register ?     I couldn't find this info anywhere.  I'm guessing there is problem a .ini.  or.php file to edit somewhere. 
Everything else is brilliant... well... mostly.  My other issue is with how to pretty up the template and change colors but I'm sure thats in the docs somewhere. 
Any recommendations on how to fix the checkout?  Thanks. 
Oh all we are doing is providing a controlled download for the parents to download event photos that are quite large and can't be sent via email.

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