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Development Help Needed / Re: Have a product made from other products
« on: March 04, 2017, 01:01:45 AM »
Hi Maxter,
Thanks for getting back.  I have been putting the shop in place with a Wix exit happening on Sunday 5 March.  What a headache lining up Wix customer data with the AbanteCart.  Wix exports far less.  Got there though.

I created a work around for now with a $0.00 value item to act as a header item for each "formula" in the cart.  I tied things like Insurance, Signature on delivery options, labeling directions and prescription copy upload to it.

I rely on instructions at present to get the header selected first then the herbs to be used.  Will see how it goes.  Well if its missed it is just a zero value order to send with it

Will PM re options as I will pay though it will depend on how much is being sought.  Karma's comment below of a product bundle is quite correct.  I did try options.  However as everything is supplied by the ml and the amount is 1 there is no ability to have multiples of the same option.

Welcome to the forum Herbalist,

This sounds like product bundles with custom selection option. Interesting project quite honestly.
Are you looking for free solution or you have a budget?

Please PM if you need help with development.

Development Help Needed / Have a product made from other products
« on: February 23, 2017, 06:19:20 AM »
Hi I'm trying to create a product that is made up from other products within the store.  You could think of it as a package, but the purchaser needs to be able to select from a range (circa 200 items)

The Shop is a herbal dispensary of liquid extract herbs.  Each herb is individually sold as well as being used to blend a personalised formula to prescription, that is either supplied by the practitioner or supplied by the purchaser.  The formula is normally scripted in 100ml, 200ml 400ml or 500ml bottles

I have used an averaged formula price with add on charges for high value herbs but this is not representative of cost.  Each formula could rang from making money to breaking even dependent on herb selection made.  Plus there are some very expensive herbs that are 4 to 5 times the average per ml price and this means ensuring capturing the extra cost is awkward.  So far to do this I have created a formula product eg 200ml formula, and have a compulsory text box to prompt adding in the formula and an special instructions for the script.  Then rely on ordering instructions on the page to pick up premium herb add ons.  (not the best system really)

I was looking at the option area at the multi check box, multi radio button and multi select which are close but do not allow selection of quantity for the option value.  The other problem is that the herbs are all sold individually as well.  Using an option with 200 lines is a fair bit of manual updating when price increases come through.

Here is a simple but typical type of order I receive.

200ml formula (package) Package tot $63.46 composed of
HerbA 40ml $0.20/ml    LineTot $8.00
HerbB 70ml $0.35/ml    LineTot $24.50
HerbC 90ml $0.344/ml  LineTot $30.96

Is there an option some where I have missed that creates a package product from existing products in the store/category.  If not what is the feasibility and cost estimate to achieve a package type product.

Thank you
Trevor Robinson

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