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« Last post by cildcv on Today at 01:24:48 AM »
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Have you found the documentation manual?

One way to determine what something does is to use the search function in the manual and look for the term

Here's the page for the one you cited:

to the best of my knowledge there is no one place to see a listing of all the permissions and what they do  but here is a good example data entry permissions:

The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc. (WHY2)
yes,  you have found the additional place to direct your product to each store you wish to have it.  It is convenient to have one admin dashboard for all stores,  but one does have to understand how to make the desired "on" for each store.   And to keep in mind which location (store) you are addressing.

Cheers, enjoy your new cart

The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc.  (WHY2)

HI Abantecart team

Where can i find documentation that explains meaning of each every permission present for a user group?

For example, i see permission "total/low_order_fee" . What is the meaning of this permission? where can i find explanation of this permission? if the user have access to this permission, what user can do?

I want to understand such detailed information for each and every User permission. Where can i find this information?
Hi LLegrand

Found the issue.  Even after clicking to add product in a selected new store, observed that there is an attribute calles stores where only default store is selected by default and unless default store is removed and new store is added, the product will be added to Default store only. Now, i am able to add products to new store only.

Thanks for your support.
HI Basara

I wan to custome SKU logic for all the ways to create or  add product to store. Which means if a single product is created  in a product page or multiple products are created using import process , SKU generation logic need to be same (Store name + Product id).

For Example, if there are 3 stores: Store 1, Store 2, Store3.
Let's say user of Store 1 created a single product1 in product page with store selected as Store1 and generated product id for product1 is 011, then SKU =  Store1-011.

Similarly if user of Store 2 creates 100 products using import process and Product ids generated are from 201 to 300, then SKU for products should be like Store 2-201, Store 2-202, e.t.c,

Where and how can i do such cuztomization?
HI Llegrand

Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, I am creating product categories and products when new store is selected. But, System is creating product categories and Products in Default store and not in new store that was selected.

According to multistore documentation, we can create multi store and have products for each store. So, why Product categories and products added in new store are not getting added to new store and only getting added to default store even when they are added with new store as store selected?
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« Last post by ingdcv on June 16, 2019, 12:51:20 AM »
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Tips and Tricks / Re: Facebook Trick
« Last post by davidejames on June 15, 2019, 07:59:44 PM »
Thanks alot for sharing this great trick
Installation and Configuration / Re: Shipping Cost
« Last post by OliverS on June 15, 2019, 10:03:16 AM »
Hi all,

Can anyone help me with this problem I have with charging shipping costs and options. I have searched through every part of the forum and cannot find the same type of question and answer.

Basically, I need to charge the following. These can be selected by the customer when they decide when they want it delivered:
Tracked delivery 48 = £3.95 + VAT
Tracked delivery 24 = £4.95 + VAT
Next day service = £5.95 + VAT
European service* = £10.00 + VAT
Rest Of The World* = £19.99 +VAT
I just want these to be in a dropdown box for shipping charge. Not based on weight or anything in the basket. They just choose one of the options and that's what gets charged to the basket total as shipping.

Is this possible? All the other carts have this option but I cannot find it on AbanteCart.

It's the only thing stopping me from using it after intense testing of the cart.

Any help is appreciated.
Facing the same issue here too. In need of help. Help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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