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Submenu not working ...
« on: August 31, 2017, 06:38:06 AM »
Hi everyone and thanks for you answers, as always !
I have a new issue regarding the HOME button on an abantecart e-commerce website.
My customer asked me, times ago, to have only the HOME button, and you helped me getting rid of the standard dropodown with coding the page

Now he asked to put the Privacy Policy and other pages in the dropdown again.
So I did take the code I commented on category_top.tpl :

<ul id="main_menu" class="nav">
                   $storefront_menu = (array)$this->session->data['storefront_menu'];
                   foreach ($storefront_menu as $i => $menu_item) {
                      if ($menu_item['id'] == 'home') {
                   <!-- Top Nav Start -->
                   <?php echo  buildStoreFrontMenuTree($storefront_menu); ?>

and uncommented that.
The dropdown menu appeared again, but as I did not change anything in the administration section of menu,
I'd expect the dropdown appear with all the standard voices.
Instead of it, I have only a blank line, as if there are no submenu items in the admin section.

Can you help me solve this issue, please ?

Thank you.



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