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Error with Login API on AbanteCart Storefront in ReactJS


I am currently in the process of creating an AbanteCart storefront using ReactJS. However, I am encountering an issue with the login API. Despite providing all the required credentials correctly, the API always returns an error and fails to log me in.

I have double-checked that I am using the correct endpoint and that the credentials I am providing are correct. I am unsure if I am missing something or if there is a bug in the API.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. Kindly help me out.

Thank you.


Please try to pass the the username and password from body.

Thanks for your reply. But still the problem is the same.

On params, you just need the rt. loginname, password, api_key(optional) should be in body.

It is working on postman, but when I am trying to post through axios in reactjs it is showing this CORS error

"Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'api url' from origin 'localhost' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: It does not have HTTP ok status."


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