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Not receiving Text messages when I get a new order


Hi folks,
I used to receive Text messages when I received an order on my site or when a new user signed up, but now I don't.  I've put in my current phone number into my system and still nothing.  I do receive texts from other sites like Amazon, so I don't think it's a problem with my phone?

I'm not sure why it stopped working so I would appreciate any advise on re-activating it again.

I'm using version 1.3.3

Thanks for your thoughts

Check the AbanteCart error log and make sure emails are not in the spam or junk folder

Thanks for your reply.

I looked at Spam folders and I don't see anything there.

I also checked the AbanteCart error logs and found some interesting stuff.
I found 438 entries that have different dates but say the same thing:
        2023-02-04 20:01:49 - TextMarketer error: Textmarketer error: API response: ''. Error Code:0

So it suggests to me that Abantecart was trying to send out messages, but can't because of the missing API codes?

I had looked at this before and found that Textmarketer doesn't appear to be set up completely.  It seems to need some API codes?

I saw where Textmarketer and Tullio are supposed to come FREE with Abantecart.
So I went to Textmarketer to get API codes and it looks like they want me to set up an account and pay for their service.
Maybe my assumption that Textmarketer comes with Abantecart is incorrect?

Question: do you use Textmaketer and do you maybe have the API codes that would work?

I could have my Hosting provider re-install Abantecart but I'd like to save the product info that I've built up over the years.
I have done Abantecart updates over the years...maybe something happened to Textmarketer and the codes got lost?

As I mentioned earlier this function used to work a while ago and has now stopped working.

Your thoughts are appreciated

Yes  your assumption that the service is free,  is incorrect. 
AbanteCart interface is provided free of charge so that the TextMarketer  can easily be connected  to you cart.  But the service provided by Textmarketer or Twilio  are paid services that require you to sign up pay for their usage.

Perhaps you had previously set up a TextMarketer account and have forgotten it  or your payment form has expired. 

Hopefully this will get you on the path to solve your issue.


Thanks for your reply.

I've been using Abantecart for quite a few years now and I remember I used to receive text messages.  However that quit working some time ago.

I don't remember signing up for an account, but because it has been so long ago maybe I forgot.

I'll check it out.  Thanks for the info.



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