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Displaying shipping costs on fast checkout - would like 1 or the other



Just setting up AbanteCart and would like to change how fast checkout display the shipping options.
I have flat cost and free delivery over 75. However it displays both on orders over 75 as can be seen in the screenshot I attached.

I would like it to just display the one shipping method, so when under 75 it shows just the flat cost and when over 75 it shows just free delivery.


Did you input your minimum sale requirement in the total field?
See screen shot for more info.

Be sure and SAVE you changes,  and you may need to clear your system Cache for it to show up.


Yes the total is set to 75 in free shipping extension.

But when the order is over 75 it shows flat rate and free delivery, so would like to remove the flat rate option for orders over 75.

Hello,  we have submitted to the core devs a solution for this.   They have accepted our solution and merged it into the core files for the next AbanteCart v 1.3.4 when it is released in the future.

In the meantime we have posted the files changes to our WHY2 info center -  along with complete instructions on how to download and install them.  This should only be applied to AbanteCart v 1.3.3

This link if from our soon to be released How2 info site -  it is NOT currently released publicly,  but will be soon.

Let us know how it works out for you.

The support team from WHY2


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