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SEO Keyword isn't changing the URL to a friendly one

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I added a short, simple SEO Keyword to the first Category that I added, and changed the .htaccess.txt file to .htaccess, but the URL is still:

Instead of a "friendly URL":

What's wrong?

This morning, a few hours after I added the Category and set the SEO short keyword late last night, the short keyword URL is showing as the link in the top menu:

But when I click it and am taken to exactly that URL, I get this error message:


I just tried the original, not-SEO link/URL:

And it works.

Now what's wrong?  Why doesn't the SEO short keyword URL work?

Check that .htaccess file have correct permissions. Set to 644


--- Quote from: abantecart on August 23, 2013, 11:38:07 PM ---Check that .htaccess file have correct permissions. Set to 644

--- End quote ---

I just also received a reply from HostGator tech support.  He said that he changed the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess... and it now works properly.

Huh? I already did that. So I looked... there is an htaccess.txt file in the root folder, AND in the Admin folder, and nothing was said about this in the User Manual... that there are TWO htaccess.txt files.  Is this a problem having two?  Can this cause conflicts?

What should I do about this?

And... this should be addressed in the User Manual. Again... I'm NOT complaining, just trying to be as helpful as I can :)

Thank you.

I am not clear where we have two identical files. I do not see that.
There is a note in the admin SEO setting about renaming the file


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