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Making Images in listing block redirect

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I made a listing block that I named "Products" to replace the Categories block on the home page. The reason was so that customers could see an image of each product category. The links above the image redirect to the category just fine, but I was wondering if there was a way to make each image redirect to the corresponding product page as well. right now if you click the image, it just redirects back to the home page and some of my customers have mentioned it would be nice to just click the image, not the underlined text link to get to the products.
Thanks. I am using default 1.1.6

Is this on default or default_html5 template?

This sounds like a small bug, I just can not catch it. :) Can you post a link?

Sure it's inthewindcreations dot com slash AbanteCart I am using default 1.1.6 for now, I know default5 is more responsive, but I don't have the time right now to redesign the site and I do like the simplistic look of the original default version. Thanks for all your help.

Below is the fix:

Locate file(s) and open for edit:
(This is depends where block is shown)

Locate code to edit:

--- Code: --- $image = '<a '.($item['image']['resource_type']=='image'? 'class="thickbox" rel="gallery"': '').' title="'.$item['image']['title'].'" href="'.$item['image']['main_url'].'">'.$item['image']['thumb_html'].'</a>';

--- End code ---

Replace with:

--- Code: --- $image = '<a '.($item['image']['resource_type']=='image'? 'class="thickbox" rel="gallery"': '').' title="'.$item['image']['title'].'" href="'.$item['url'].'">'.$item['image']['thumb_html'].'</a>';

--- End code ---

Worked perfectly! You guys are incredible! Thank you so much! Can't wait to make enough to start donating!


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