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Now I did some minor changes on my template and not default template so I
Edited the product.tpl file and moved the section as you see in image under the price area and saved it and nothing has changed. I did clear cache and tried everything but nothing works. So any changes I do to my new template nothing updates. Os there something that I'm missing?

My version is 1.3.3

Ok I found out that one of my plugins is causing this and it's jquery light box extension. This is not good for extension that does this

Have you installed the extension version that is correct for the cart version you are using??
here is the link to the product in Market Place

Also,  are you sure that your minor changes haven't caused a conflict? We have this in use on several sites and have no issues with it.

It's only used on one site and yes I bought it from market place. I didn't change anything just moved one part of the code. This is the first extension that I bought and now I know what's causing the issue me unable to modify my template. I have send help request with my purchase ID and thank you. I want to keep using this extension and I would hate to have to disable it because it's the only one on market place

My version of extension is: 3.3.6

What is the compatibility between the version of the extension that you installed and the version of the cart that you are currently using?


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