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I've been reading the hordes of posts and searching more specifically for something to suit my needs.

I'm in the market (pun unintended) for a OLX- or Gumtree type marketplace, BUT with a difference (hopefully explained step-by-step below).

I want to "own" the marketplace and would like to charge a fixed percentage of ALL sales that take place on my marketplace (call it an OLX-clone).

* Sellers would have to register with detailed information.

* Seller can then list their product (used/new) for sale, they fix a price and when a buyer pays (via bank transfer ONLY to my OLX-clone website), can the product be shipped to the buyer.

* Buyer can add several sellers' products to their cart and pay for these products in one payment.

* Only once the buyer acknowledges receipt of the product, does the seller get their money, minus the marketplace fixed percentage commission.

* Buyers can anonymously ask sellers questions and sellers reply anonymously (Admin can monitor).

Any thoughts on such a marketplace?


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